16 Memes That Perfectly Describe Going to the Hospital With a Chronic Illness

Going to the hospital when you have a chronic illness isn’t the same as going when you have an acute health problem. Health emergencies caused by chronic illnesses aren’t always easy to diagnose or treat, and emergency room doctors aren’t always familiar with your illness — meaning you often need to be the expert in your own care. Of course, it’s also possible to go to the hospital with an issue unrelated to your illness, like a car accident or broken bone, but having an illness on top of that sometimes complicates things even further.

With all these challenges to consider, the hospital can be a scary place for people with chronic illnesses. Sometimes, laughing at all the ridiculous problems the chronic illness community must navigate in the hospital can help you cope, and remind you there are many other people out there going through the same struggle. Here are 16 (painfully) funny memes that nail what the hospital is like for people with chronic health challenges.


waiting 3 hours, dr visit 3 min
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cartoon of hospital sock being put on foot like a glass slipper with text me as a disney princess
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cat meme with text my chronic illness brings all the doctors to the yard and theyre like, sorry we have no idea what's wrong or what to do
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trying to decide whether or not to go to the hospital spongebob worried
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long list on paper that stretches down a hallway
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bj novak the office meme when you see the doctor googling your illness
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kanye west meme doc i know you went to med school and imma let you finish but my symptoms aint all in my head
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text of person describing pain to doctor and doctor says so, is that a 6 then?
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when a new doctor first looks at my medical history with image of woman making surprised face
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doctor handing giant pill to hospital patient saying we combined your medications into one dose
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image of dru and caption looking at medical bills
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the joker with text are we really going to use the your labs look normal speech again? do I look normal to you?
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michael scott saying I'll kill you to toby with caption when the nurse keeps missing your vein trying to put in an iv
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miranda priestly saying by all means move at a glacial pace, with caption when you're waiting for test results
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sebastian smiling with text when you have a good doctor
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ratatouille breaking a plate with text breaking out of the hospital
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