Reviews of Netflix's limited-series 'Maniac'

The Mighty reviews Netflix’s “Maniac,” a show that references topics like psychosis, trauma and addiction for The Mighty’s mental health community.

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The following post contains spoilers.

The Netflix limited-series “Maniac,” has two main characters with mental illnesses. Owen, played by Jonah Hill, has schizophrenia and Annie, played by Emma Stone, has borderline personality disorder, which isn’t revealed until later in the series. The show, while eccentric and erratic, gives a fairly honest portrayal of what’s it’s like to process trauma and grief. “Maniac” also tackles depression and psychosis. Unlike many representations of schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder in Hollywood, “Maniac” doesn’t rely on stereotypes to tell each character’s story nor does it demonize them.

The Mighty reviewed each episode and averaged a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars for the entire series. You can find the links for each episode review below.

Owen sits on a bench outside with Grimsson.

Episode 1: “The Chosen One!”

The first episode of “Maniac” focuses on Owen, who has schizophrenia and is trying to make it on his own without the help of his rich family. To make money, Owen enrolls in a clinical trial.

Annie (Emma Stone) wearing a gray jumpsuit and Owen (Jonah Hill) wearing the same one.

Episodes 2 & 3: “Windmills” & “Having a Day”

In its weird past-future reality, the “Maniac” drug trial wants to solve mental health issues in three pills that are anything but simple.

Still of Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in Maniac. Hill is wearing a jersey and Stone has 80s style hair curls.

Episodes 4 & 5: “Furs by Sebastian” & “Exactly Like You”

In episode four, Annie and Owen enter a sequence that resembles the 1980s. Annie discovers what her defense mechanisms are in the fifth episode of “Maniac.”

James Mantleray hugs GRTA which is a wall of blinking lights. The overall photo has a pink tint.

Episode 6 & 7: “Larger Structural Issues” & “HCeci N’est Pas Une Drill”

Dr. James Mantleray reluctantly reaches out to his mother, Greta, in an effort to control depressed, supercomputer GRTA. The participants take the C pill.

Annie and Ellie as elves in episode eight of "Maniac."

Episodes 8 & 9: “The Lake of the Clouds” & “Utangatta”

While under the effects of the C pill, Annie makes a hard decision regarding her sister, and Owen finally gets to feel like a hero.

Annie and Owen look at each other while sitting outside on a sunny day.

Episode 10: “Option C”

After the disastrous ending of the ULP drug trial, we learn the fate of Annie, Owen and our NPB doctors.

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Still of Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in Maniac. Hill is wearing a jersey and Stone has 80s style hair curls.

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