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Hayley Williams Leaves a Reminder for Anyone With Depression or Trauma on Her Instagram

On Saturday, Hayley Williams left a message for anyone with depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in an announcement she was considering taking an extended break from social media. In an Instagram post, the Paramore singer said she hasn’t taken a break from social media since 2015, but that she could “sense in [her] body and [her] mind” that it was time again.

She also announced she had recently pursued getting a “true” mental health diagnosis for the first time, writing:

i am careful not to sensationalize issues around mental health as it’s such a sensitive and layered conversation for every individual. yet, i feel it’s really important to clarify that while I have spoken openly about my mental health during After Laughter, i could never fully admit to nor bring myself to go get a true diagnosis for my own issues until recently.


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til next time, sweet friends. thank you. ???????????????????????????????????????????? .

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This isn’t the first time Williams has spoken up about her mental health. In May, she wrote an essay for Paper Magazine about the first time she realized something wasn’t OK.

Now, she says, she’s working hard to get strong for herself. She emphasized that hope and pain are not mutually exclusive, and that you shouldn’t have to fake a smile to make others happy. “You don’t need to wear a fake happy smile to make other people feel comfortable when they walk by,” she wrote. “Joy is deeper than a smile. To me anyway. That’s what I’m striving for.”

If you struggle with depression or PTSD, Williams wants you to know you’re not alone. It’s OK not to be OK. You can find a “solution” that works for you.

I know it’s a very popular to say “it’s okay to not be okay”… but please give me the grace to admit that as I am quickly approaching 30 i am okay with not being okay anymore. I do accept my emotional or psychological “wounds” and i’m not ashamed… even still, i am interesting in living out a much more fulfilling live than just “okay” could ever offer. i think that you are worth more than “okay” has to offer too.

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