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16 Memes That Nail What It's Like Being Sensitive to Light

It seems there are some people who can just soak up endless amounts of sun and never feel any uncomfortable side effects. And then there are others, those who peek outside on a sunny day and say, “Yep… I’m staying in today.” There are many reasons why a person might be sensitive to sunlight or artificial light. People who get migraine attacks or headaches may be triggered or feel worse due to light, while people with lupus may find that they experience flare-ups and skin rashes after sun exposure. Autism can cause light sensitivity, as well as fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Or you might simply have blue eyes or pale skin, both of which can make being in the sun uncomfortable.

The adverse effects “light sensitive” people experience aren’t funny, but sometimes, laughing at the things you do to try and cope with it can make dealing with the problem a little bit easier. Below, we’ve gathered a few memes that sum up the challenges of feeling like a “vampire” among humans.


still too bright with brightness turned all the way down
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gollum saying we hates the light it burns us
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sensitive to light cartoon of boy wearing sunglasses
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spongebob wearing sunglasses and caption, me in doctors office. doctor: are you wearing those to be cool?
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fluorescents, fluorescents everywhere toy story meme
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you know you are in pain when the sun is too loud
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dog wearing sunglasses when the sunshine is so bright you gotta wear your glasses inside
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cat squinting when someone flicks on the lights after youve been sitting in the dark
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even the charging light on my laptop is too bright
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wednesday addams meme i have 2 reactions when going out, 1. ew the sun 2. ew the people
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batman in the dark, handing out in the dark when i have a migraine like batman and chill
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what i think summer will be like: running around in sun. how it actually is: squinting, the sun sucks
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i dont have to dress up for halloween, light sensitivity makes me a vampire all year round
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me when everyone got tan over the summer, photo of cooked doughnuts and one uncooked one
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why dont you come outside, its nice and sunny. me: marilyn manson making a disgusted face
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everyone: sucks that summer is ending. me: dwight with pumpkin on head