What Is It Time to See a Psychiatrist?

Anxiety can feel debilitating at times. When it gets to the point where you can barely function and it’s impacting every part of your life, it may be time to get help. Searching for a psychiatrist is overwhelming, which may cause even more anxiety. It’s not easy to find a mental health provider for medication management for a multitude of reasons. First, do you have insurance? If you do you may have a greater variety of options. Next, it’s time to look through your insurance booklet to see who takes your coverage.

The best way to find a psychiatrist is to ask for referrals. It’s likely you know someone who sees a psychiatrist. Whether they are seeing somebody for anxiety or another mental health issue, it doesn’t hurt to ask a friend or family member who their doctor is. If you don’t want to see that person because of a conflict of interest, their psychiatrist can refer you to a different doctor.

Another option is to ask your therapist, if you see one, to refer you to a psychiatrist who takes your insurance. They have connections in the mental health space and can probably find somebody who accepts your coverage.

If you don’t have insurance, search to see if you qualify for government insurance based upon your income. Once you have health care coverage, your options for seeing a psychiatrist are higher. Another option is low-cost clinics. An affordable or sliding scale clinic is an option for seeing a psychiatrist.

You don’t have to do this alone. If you need help finding a psychiatrist, ask a friend to research options for you.

Anxiety can make you freeze or panic. It’s important not to let it take control so you can get the help that you need. The right psychiatrist can make a huge difference in your life. It’s just a matter of finding that person. Remember it’s crucial to also see a therapist to help with your mental health issues and manage emotional regulation, in conjunction with a psychiatrist. Medication isn’t the only answer to treating anxiety; it’s a piece of the puzzle that can help you with your mental health. Whether you are seeing an online therapist or someone in your area, they can work together with your psychiatrist and get you the help you need to conquer your anxiety.

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