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Favorite Fibro-Friendly Activities for When You're Not Feeling Your Best

When you have something like fibromyalgia that can affect your physical and mental activity levels, it’s important to find things you can do when you aren’t feeling your best. Being bored and upset about not being able to do what you used to be able to do isn’t good for your mental health. Focusing on the things you can do and enjoy is a great way to keep yourself grounded and away from what I call “the dark and swirly place.” Gratitude over attitude, as I like to say! If you need some ideas on things you can do when you don’t feel up to doing much, here’s a list of some of my favorite fibro-friendly activities:

  • Painting, drawing or coloring.
  • Crafting — Pinterest has so much cool stuff to try, and for all skill levels!
  • Gardening — even for a short while is nice!
  • Watching TV and movies —  there is so much content out now, and re-runs and cartoons are great when brain fog/mental fatigue is an issue.
  • Reading — when brain fog isn’t too much of an issue I can read for hours, but short stories/children’s books are great when it is.
  • Putzing around the house
  • Going to public gardens and museums — there are usually lots of benches where you can sit and rest, so if I can get out of the house this is a good slower-paced option.
  • Going for nature walks — I’m lucky to live in a place that has shorter, flat trails to walk, and a nice “overlook” trail with plenty of benches to stop and rest along the way. Living in a “retirement area” definitely has it’s perks!
  • Board games and puzzles — difficulty levels depend on brain fog levels, but there are so many fun options to choose from!
  • Watch animal videos online — I can’t get enough of dogs and goats in onesies!
  • Catch up on my friend’s social media posts — especially the ones with kids or whom I don’t see often. I may not be up for a conversation, but I can like cute baby pictures!
  • Do a light stretch, dance a little bit, and sing along to some amazing upbeat music.
  • Paint my nails
  • Do a face mask
  • Take a bath — add bubbles, epsom salts, essential oils, candles, tea and/or wine for an extra-fabulous flair
  • Put on makeup and cute lounge clothes. Even if I don’t feel great or I’m not leaving the house, feeling like I “look good” helps me feel a little better, and putting on a “face” and yoga pants and a cute sweater feels better than the PJs I’ve been wearing for several days.

While I can’t do all the things I used to, or do some things all the time, I am so grateful there are still so many things  I can do that bring me joy.

This story originally appeared on The Fibro Strong Collective.

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