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My Disability Is Powerful

My name is Erin and I have cerebral palsy and use a walker to get around. For a long time I had a love/ hate relationship with my walker, but now after 30 years of life, I only have love to give.

When I was growing up in the 90s, I didn’t have beautiful fierce disabled icons to look up to like I do today. I felt very alone. I don’t want people with disabilities to ever feel alone, and you don’t have to. Representation is critical. We need it in film, television, literature, everywhere.

My disability defines me.

My walker defines me.

My walker doesn’t disable me from living a full life, but inaccessibility can. My walker took me around the world to Rwanda and Mexico. I have climbed physical mountains with this walker and I am going to keep climbing. My walker has broken many times, but just like me it can be rebuilt and be strong as hell.

Your disability does not make you unattractive.

Your disability does not make you less professional.

Your disability does not make you an object to be pitied.

You are fierce.

You are beautiful.

You are disabled.

I’m here shining with you.

Image Credits: Erin Noon