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How I Got My Life Back as a Young Adult With ME

When I got sick, it took everything from me. I couldn’t go to school or spend time with friends and I could hardly go to the restroom by myself. I could hardly keep any food down, and it seemed almost impossible to get out of bed some days.

I lost myself, who I am.

The athlete

The painter

The nerd

The joker

The hopeless romantic

The animal lover

I stopped having wild adventures with my friends and instead I just slept. When I did wake up, I didn’t have the energy to do anything, so I went back to sleep. I had nothing else so I adopted the “sick girl” role. It was all I talked about because it controlled my entire life. It wasn’t until just recently I began to discover who I am again. I had to ask myself what was ME and what was me. I started to do what I loved in the way I’m able.

I can’t run, but I can swim a little. I can still paint, but now I use acrylics or watercolor because the cleanup takes less time and I can do it from bed. I can still read and study, but I use audio books because it takes less energy. I can still date and hang out with friends, they just have to come to me and stay in bed if I need. I can still go out, I just need a mobility aid to get around.

All this plus physical therapy and going to school (with frequent breaks), and I got my life back. I’m still sick, but I’m not just a sick girl anymore. I can now confidently say that I am not ME and ME is not me.

Getty image by Silver K. Black.