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Need Access to Voting as an American With a Disability? This Website Can Help.

This¬†presidential¬†election is a¬†bizarre¬†one as¬†our country deals with an unexpected¬†pandemic.¬†Because of the infamous COVID-19¬†and how dangerous¬†the contagion is,¬†most of the voting process has¬†taken place home through in-mail voting. But, for¬†us —¬†people with disabilities —¬†is¬†this enough? While¬†the good news is that¬†voting¬†is now accessible for many of us, a lot of the first-timers could be¬†missing¬†the outside help they could get through a counselor. But luckily, people with¬†disabilities¬†can get virtual help, so they can be ready to vote¬†remotely.

One¬†Vote¬†Now¬†is a resource website from the National Association¬†of Councils on Developmental Disabilities. Now rebooted with a fabulous (and accessible) makeover,¬†One Vote Now¬†introduces navigators to the voting process and¬†where to begin.¬†One Vote Now¬†shows navigators to website¬†REV UP, where they can register to vote if they haven’t yet. Afterward,¬†One Vote Now¬†tells you the methods to vote. What is great is that¬†One Vote Now¬†gives you the choice of how to vote. If you want to stay at home to vote, that’s great! But if you also want to¬†vote¬†in public, they also have a link with¬†available¬†polling¬†locations.¬†One Vote Now¬†also lists the Election Protection Coalition’s phone number¬†if the navigator needs help with anything in the¬†voting¬†process.

Though the primaries are ending, it is still not too late¬†to register. The official¬†presidential election is¬†a few months away, so people still have time¬†to vote.¬†It is so important for people with disabilities to vote¬†as it can determine their futures.¬†Democratic candidate and former VP Joe Biden¬†has¬†posted¬†his¬†plans¬†for citizens with disabilities. If someone with a disability likes his plans, they can vote for him. Or if they like President Donald Trump and are¬†satisfied¬†with his run so far, they can also vote for him. But, it’s not just the president of the United States — voters with disabilities are voting for their local government, which consists of people who will determine their¬†local policies of¬†education,¬†health, finances and housing. They just need to read each candidate’s website¬†and learn about what they believe in.

One Vote Now¬†is a great place for any voter with a disability to begin their¬†electoral¬†journey. The website layout is simple¬†and easy to navigate.¬†The resources are official voting websites and¬†One Vote Now¬†will take you where you want to go.¬†Their motto, ‚ÄúEveryone Should Be Included in Our Elections‚ÄĚ speaks for itself and¬†they truly believe what they’re saying. So, if you are a voter with a disability that needs¬†help or if you know someone that needs help,¬†One Vote Now¬†is accessible,¬†fresh, and ready to help you get your vote out!