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Here's What 8 Neurodivergent People Are Hyperfixating on Right Now

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The best form of intimacy is sharing hyperfixations with people around you. 

If you don’t know, hyperfixations are topics, things, hobbies, etc., that people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and other forms of neurodivergence tend to zone in on for a certain period of time where they can sometimes forget the concept of time itself, people around them, and their own bodily needs.

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While that sounds concerning (and can be at times), it usually can lead to ADHD folk being renaissance people who are skilled and tasked at many different things. Making their brains do it on command when it’s not a hyperfixation is a whole other story, but y’know, you take what you can get.

The Mighty reached out to our community to ask what people are currently hyperfixating on. Who knows, maybe one of these eight things could be your next hyperfixation. Only one way to find out.

1. “Packing for our move. Making lists related to the move. Searching online and price comparing the things we need for the new place. Talking about all the legal hoops we’ve had to jump through to make this move happen.” – @Tgngyg

2. “YouTube deep dives, Duolingo-Spanish, family history.” – @Emeraldeyes

3. “Video games! I love ‘Morrowind’ and ‘Oblivion’ on the PC, ‘Legend of Zelda’ on old and new consoles, and the ‘Sims Freeplay’ on iPad mini. I once spent eight to nine hours straight playing ‘Morrowind’ and now I’m addicted to giving my couples babies on ‘The Sims’ and taking care of them.” -@Sarawyn 

4. “My internet connection. Star Trek. My church.” – @Clifforddavis 

5. “I work in marketing so I’m always fixated on something. Right now, I’m focused on implementing new website features for my company’s website and sometimes I get deep into what I’m doing and need to remind myself to chill out.” – @Exystant 

6. “Projects at my place…and shows and videos. Being outside in nice weather and eating healthy, trying to chat with friends, and finding help when I need it.” – @Enjoychattingnew 

7. “If you’ve ever played the game ‘Stardew Valley,’ then you know…” – @Helloalicia 

8. “‘2048’ on my phone. YouTube deep dives. Noise-canceling AirPods. Stranger Things when it drops. Collecting my summer reading list. Actual books because I miss holding a book.” – @Mamatineautism

Do you see your hyperfixation on this list? If not, comment with yours below. Happy fixating!

Getty image by Nestea06

Originally published: May 25, 2022
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