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    Hello #MightyINsighters Hope you are well! As we start the second month of 2023 I wanted to provide encouragement to you to believe in yourself and your abilities. Please know this group is meant to support your journey. #CheckInWithMe #affirmations #Wanted #Chosen #Loved #AdoptionJourney #AdoptionConstellation

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    Hello my followers! I saw this photo and it resonates with me. My hope is that it resonates with you too! #MentalHealth #affirmations

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    The Power of Affirmations

    It's amazing what our brains can do. If we feed it something positive it can change our whole outlook. I recently typed up some affirmations revolving round trauma healing. But affirmations can be anything that motivates you and makes you feel good about yourself. They say it's important to recite them as much as possible. Repeating my affirmations affirms in me that the abuse wasn't my fault and that healing is possible. What do affirmations mean to you? Blessings friends:)

    #affirmations #positive #Trauma #Healing #PTSD #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #Inspiration #thankful

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    Weekly #affirmations

    So i today's struggles are a very good reason to think about my weekly affirmations, right? yeah. i tried for hours to think of 5 of them and now my brain hurts (some people call that a migraine). this is all i came up with:

    *i am compassionate and caring

    *i am a good listener

    *i am good at helping my friends

    now i'm gonna reward myself with a chocolate muffin and probably have a good cry.

    share your own affirmations.


    Weekly #affirmations

    Just finished a therapy session today. We talked about coping strategies and such and he mentioned daily affirmations. It got me thinking that maybe weekly affirmations here on The Mighty might help, I'll try it out. So here are my thoughts:

    *I have a great sense of wonder

    *I'm open to trying new things

    *I am a compassionate friend who genuinely cares about people.

    *I take a proactive approach to my life and am my own advocate

    *I don't give up when things are difficult.

    Do YOU have any affirmations to share?

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    Gaslighting Oneself

    People gaslight others..Have you ever gaslighted yourself? I know I have. Stop criticizing yourself, be kind. Realize that blame for whatever, can be for others. We should not accept responsibility for certain things that happened, things that, weren’t our fault or things that are the result of another’s toxic behavior. We can be our own worst critics. We can lie to ourselves. It’s damaging for one’s own self-confidence for one’s own psyche. #Gaslighting #Selfblame we need #Selfconfidence #Breathe #JustBreathe #affirmations #PTSD #Survivor #MentalHealth #Depression #IfYouFeelHopeless #TheMighty

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    The Affirmation of The Good

    We believe that our lives up till now have neither been holy good nor hold bad. The bad in us can be remedied and the good can grow.

    We acknowledge and ask pardon for the wrongs we have done and the needed good that we failed to do, including our own selves.

    We wish for ourselves and every human being an end to hostilaty and the best in love and life and happiness.


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    Things I need to remind myself of…

    Since our adult daughter is freezing us out completely, I need #affirmations

    #Cancer #cancersucks #menopause due to her cancer. She’s #sick and ill physically (bile reflux issues?)-even though she’s in a NED. That’s a really lousy way to live the rest of one’s days..

    #Depression #PTSD #Love and #Selflove and I need to protect myself also.

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    Morning Affirmations

    Today I pause to re-evaluate how I see myself. I choose to let go of old, negative thoughts and self limiting beliefs. I begin today from a fresh place and choose to see my life anew! Today I give myself another chance at life and treat myself with kindness, compassion, forgiveness and LOVE.

    #Goodmorning #affirmations #Positivity #encouragement #SupportGroups #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder