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What people affected by Alzheimer’s disease want others to learn.


Things People Affected By Alzheimer’s Disease Want You to Learn

  1. The disease is painful for the patient and painful to watch loved ones go through. It affects so much more than just the patient’s memory.
  2. Just because a loved one has it, it doesn’t mean you will lose that person altogether. It’s a struggle, but they’re still there.
  3. It doesn’t only affect the elderly, and it’s not a black-and-white diagnosis. It comes in many forms.
  4. “Someone still lives inside that person who has Alzheimer’s. Don’t forget they are still there, and don’t think they don’t know or deserve your time.”
  5. They may not remember who you are or anything about their life, but they are still a person with real feelings and emotions.
  6. It’s sad when family stop visiting because they feel there is nothing left of their loved one. It’s not true that there’s nothing left inside, we just need to find it.
  7. Denial is the number one thing that can slow the process of a diagnosis. Don’t deny the signs.
  8. I want people to know how most of your friends seem to disappear! He notices this and feels so bad for me because it affects my life, too.
  9. I want people to understand how many different types of dementia there are and that not every case is the same.
  10. When you lose a loved one to Alzheimer’s you mourn them twice: first when they are no longer the person you once knew and then when they actually pass away.
  11. Everyone asks the same question, ‘Does your dad still know who you are?’ I’d rather have people know what an amazing man my dad still is.
  12. At this point there is no cure and very little resources and support for those living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.
  13. They know something is wrong and experience shame they shouldn’t have to. Treat them with kindness and patience no matter what.
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