Too many women men and children are suffering from the dreadful disease called Interstitial Cystitis. The #DEA #FDA and #CDC opiate regulations have caused an oppression against us that is almost as bad as having IC. So many ICwarriors have committed suicide this year and daily I see thousands of people begging and pleading on our forums for help. I see people who are devastated physically, financially and emotionally because of IC and the dismissal by so many doctors of our pain. It's as if they look through us and we do not exist. It is time to stop the abuse of patients and demand that we are given ADEQUATE amounts of pain meds. Time to demand that we be recognized. Time to say NO MORE ill treatment by physicians. Especially amongst those of us who have gone through painful procedure after procedure, who have adhered to strict diets and supplement regiments, who have exhausted every resource to try and heal, who have been through years of pelvic floor therapy with little improvement. If they won't remove our bladders entirely then they better start giving us meds to make life liveable. #americanurologicalassociation #CDC #FDA #DEA