Short version, I recently, 5 months ago, I fell on my outstretched arms/hands=FOOSH. X-rays were negative for breaks/fractures. From elbows to fingertips pain moves around. The final diagnosis is "I feel pain stronger because I have chronic pain," OMG?!!!! This accident has no f$#&ing thing to do with chronic, since it's the opposite, it's acute.
The desiccation, bulging discs, bone spurs, thruout my cervical spine, other bad problems throughout entire spine, proven with MRIs, were not caused by MDD or chronic pain; I was in 2 accidents in 2005, ocean and snow...these started me on the downward spiral into the hell, of idiot drs and unrelenting pain. I understand that my accidents have plunged me into chronic pain syndrome. You get the gist of the problems. I could go on and on with other instances, but what the hell is that going to help. Sorry for the pity party, I am on the edge and I could really use your help.