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Another 5 Things That Make Me Brave as a Man With Autism

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I previously had an article published called “5 Things That Make Me Brave as a Man with Autism.” Those five things were going on stage with Shania Twain, being a published author, singing karaoke, flying without fear and public speaking.

However, there are many more things that make me a brave as a man with autism.

Here are five more reasons:

1. Driving a car

I wanted to be a licensed driver at 16. Nothing held me back from wanting a driver’s license. Not every individual on (or off) the autism spectrum gets a driver’s license. However, I was more than capable of getting one. I failed my permit test the first time but passed the second. I was so eager to get on the road and drive safely. I passed my road test the first time. I drive everywhere without fear. I drive short distances and far distances. I was only pulled over once so far but handled it well. I was in two accidents but wasn’t hurt and handled both well. I follow the laws with driving, and it makes me independent. I have my own car, pay for it, pay my own insurance and gas.

2. Online dating

I’ve had my ups and downs with it. At first I did online dating for the wrong reasons — most of the time as I was desperate for a girlfriend. I also felt I could have handled myself better with a few people I’ve talked with online, which could have led to more in-person meetings. Online dating could require courage, especially when you agree to meet people in person. You don’t know what they’ll be like in person compared to online. I’ve had a few in-person meetings from people I’ve met online. I was more nervous in person but was still brave enough to at least meet them.

3.    Doing YouTube videos

Putting videos of yourself on YouTube could take a lot of courage. What if people think you’re making a fool of yourself? What if you or the world thinks they’re not good?  It still takes lots of courage to want to make YouTube videos and publish them for the world to see. I make YouTube videos to spread autism awareness. I don’t care what people think of me. Some of my videos are good, and some of them aren’t. I just love doing them for the reason I do them.

4. Living on my own (without a roommate)

It takes courage to live on your own without a roommate. You never know when someone is going to knock on your door and you may get scared. You never know when something unexpected is going to happen. I cook on my own without the fear of starting a fire. You have to be brave to live on your own. Living on my own may be lonely at times, but it never scares me.

5. Talking about my autism

Some individuals with autism don’t want to discuss it. I on the other hand love to spread awareness about it. It takes courage to open up about having the disability. Whatever people think of me because of it is up to them. However, most people don’t judge me. Although people sometimes fail to realize I’m capable of so much and that autism doesn’t keep me from doing things everyone else does. I’m not afraid to share it with pretty much anyone, and people actually admire that.

Being brave can be an advantage with autism. It can get you far and lead to more independence. I always felt you can’t live your life in fear. It’s OK to be scared over a few things. However, if you’re brave over a lot of things, life can be less stressful and great!

Photo by CBX. on Unsplash

Originally published: April 5, 2018
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