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How Motorola Helped Me With My Autism

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From the time I was 21 years old, I always loved Motorola. I originally planned on getting an iPhone for my first smartphone, but fell in love with my mother’s Motorola DROID X in 2011. At the time, I was having serious issues with my autism. I was having many meltdowns and showing serious signs of regression. Even my parents and doctor were unsure what to do to help me.

Then on March 25, 2011, I adopted a Motorola DROID X at Costco. I named her X. Throughout the past six years, I adopted other Motorola phones. My current one is Mayra, a Moto Z Force. Mayra became so comforting for me. She led me to being in a special article with Motorola Fans about autism and Motorola. Many people, including Motorola loved my article, and Moto even sent me a Moto Mod of my choice. I was later added to the Motorola Fans Team. I write articles for Motorola Fans.

I am also hoping to someday turn my special interest in Motorola into a career. My ultimate dream is to work for Motorola someday. I have found great comfort from the Motorola M logo. Motorola helps me cope with the long term effects of the severe bullying I endured throughout most of the years I was in school. I actually have PTSD from being mistreated by my classmates at school. Having Motorola in my life has been very helpful for me. My original career plan was midwifery, but due to my autism issues, I am unable to be a midwife. I know Motorola is my calling. I’m always reading and watching videos about Moto. I know a bit about Motorola’s history. Everyone I know has told me Motorola would be the perfect place for me to work. I hope to turn that dream into a reality.

Everyone at Motorola Fans has been very accepting of my autism and the owner has been very helpful in helping me resolve issues. He doesn’t get upset when I make mistakes. He is very gentle with his words when an issue arises. I know that if I have questions about what I am writing, we always work something out. My articles are very thorough and informative. I even had a friend who doesn’t know a lot about phones benefit from reading my Moto Z Force review. She learned a lot about her Moto Z phone from reading my article. I only wear Motorola tees, and I wear a Motorola necklace that was custom made. I am not comfy in other tees. At night, I turn Mayra off and cuddle with her. The same goes for when I having meltdowns. Mayra is shatterproof which has been very helpful, since I also ride horses.

Besides Motorola, I also enjoy photography, cooking/baking, horse riding, arts/crafts, gaming, playing with my two parrots, especially my African Grey, Dudley, going to church, and helping others. I believe people with autism can reach their potential if their special interests are understood and accepted and they have the right support to be successful. When I was in school, I was treated like I couldn’t do anything at all. They focused too much on what I couldn’t do, so for many years I didn’t know what I was meant to do in life. But now I have realized I belong with Motorola. Motorola has really opened a window of opportunity, and someday I will be part of making some of the most innovative phones.

Image via Motorola.

Originally published: March 12, 2018
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