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The Chocolate Spectrum is a chocolate shop as well as a place to train and hire adults on the autism spectrum.


The Chocolate Spectrum Just Gave Us One More Reason to Eat Chocolate.

It’s run by Blake Herkskowitz, who’s on the autism spectrum, and his mom Valerie.

Founded in 2013, the company provides training and jobs for adults on the spectrum in Jupiter, FL.

More than 12 individuals with developmental disabilities are part of their program.

The shop offers three different programs for trainees.

The Chocolatier program teaches baking and chocolate making as well as health, hygiene, independence and social development skills.

The Barista course teaches coffee making and social skills for working in both cafes and restaurants.

The last course teaches high schoolers how to make chocolates, pastries as well as other job skills.

Trainees also participate in social events and classes.

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