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6 Autistic Women and Non-Binary People to Follow on TikTok

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This was my first time actually using TikTok, and while it took a little bit to get used to sensory-wise, I think it’s a great platform to spread autism awareness. It is a social media phenomena that reaches across a whole spectrum of people who might not have gotten a first-hand perspective of autism before.

Growing up, I never saw autism represented in the media. I grew up thinking that I was different and weird. I felt alone. I think these amazing people will encourage today’s young autistics that it is not only OK to be autistic, but it is something you should celebrate. Even now, autistic media representation is mostly male. Getting to see autistic women and non-binary people really made me feel like I have a community to be a part of. Some of these advocates were recently featured in Paper magazine, which you can read here

Here are some of the autistic people I checked out on TikTok, and why you should too:

1. Chloe Hayden

Chloe Hayden, also known as Princess Aspien, is a 22-year-old YouTuber, singer, actor and autism advocate from outback Australia. She enjoys advocating through fun videos and blogs, especially for children on the spectrum.

Some of my favorite videos of hers are the ones where she talks about or even shows her meltdowns. Meltdowns are one of the scariest parts about being autistic and it takes a lot of courage to make your meltdowns public. I also really love the ones where she disses on anti-vaxxers. Her videos are cute and colorful, while still getting an important message across.

@princessaspien????autism traits in girls: part 1???? ##autism ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp ##mentalhealth♬ original sound – princessaspien

2. Cheryl Fyfield

Cheryl Fyfield was diagnosed with autism at 22, after many years of fighting for a diagnosis. She gained TikTok fame after doing the “autism check” challenge and now posts educational videos about autism.

Cheryl is currently doing a fear food challenge where she is trying new foods based on her sensory issues. She tries things she thinks she won’t like to see if she can move past that. My favorite videos of her are the ones where she is stimming in the rain. I love dancing in the rain and it made me very happy to see someone else feel so happy and free doing it.

@_thislineismineGot caught in the rain after my 4 mile run. ##true ##happiness ##rain ##maincharacter ##recovery♬ Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

3. Aris

Aris or “saltybitters” is a kickass autistic agender Tiktoker. Their pronouns are they/them.

saltybitters features a lot of videos about LQBTQ subjects, especially about being non-binary. They post a lot of really cool cosplay videos, as well. They also have some amazing fashion sense. My family who viewed all the videos with me voted them as their favorite on this list.

@saltybittersshowing off the cute outfits i havent worn bc of quarantine! ##fyp ##foryou ##fashion ##outfits ##fashioninspo ##quarentinefashion ##stylechange ##lgbtq♬ original sound – saltybitters

4. Suriel Adrastos

Suriel was diagnosed autistic at age 17. She started posting TikTok videos because she wanted to bring mainstream media representation to autistic girls. She wants autistic girls to know that they are not alone.

 Suriel has an edgy, alternative vibe. I really liked her videos about stimming. She brings a very positive light to stimming, especially about doing it in public. She also rocks out to some pretty cool emo music.

@surieladrastosYou got it! ##fyp ##tiktok ##fypage ##autism ##actuallyautistic ##autismspectrum♬ Renee – Sales

5. Gator Girl Gab

Gator Girl Gab has a lot of cool videos about her special interests, one of which you might guess is alligators. She gives us a good tour of all her stuffed gators. I also really liked her soothing videos where she is coloring or using clay.

@gatorgirlgabhis name was michael. thanks michael ##autistiktok ##autism ##aspergers ##spectrum ##foryoupage ##successful ##arianagrande ##fyp ##foryou ##actuallyautistic♬ stop complaining – vaioriise

6. Evelyn Jeans

Evelyn is a 20-year-old from Portland, OR, and another great queer representation on this list.

My favorites of their videos are when they headcannons characters as autistic, including characters from Minecraft and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. She also features a lot of lesbian positivity content as well as some funny green screen videos.

@evelyn_jeansnobody’s “high functioning” all the time. “Low functioning” people have abilities worth celebrating. ##actuallyautistic ##fyp ##learnontiktok ##edutok♬ original sound – evelyn_jeans

Who are your favorite autistic people on TikTok? Let us know in the comments below.

Originally published: July 16, 2020
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