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Does anyone know who does AUTISM assessments for ADULTS in western NC, or east TN, or southwest VA?

<p>Does anyone know who does AUTISM assessments for ADULTS in western NC, or east TN, or southwest VA?</p>
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Overwhelmed, exhausted and in transition. #Suicide survivor #Depression at lethal levels #Autistic

My personal issues are extreme, yet I have taken care of my wife of thirty eight years 24/7 for the last 5 years. Her adelesent trauma created unimaginal fear, which she managed by always trying to control everything in her world, including the people around her. Herself protection failed, and for the last 5 years her fear has been tearing her apart. Most of who she was has disappeared.
I retired two years early to begin caring for her. I have done too much for too long before. It lead to a profound breakdown with two psychotic episodes. I understood the risk.
She is in the hospital now, and I don't know if she will ever live under my care again. The negotions with dshs will be interesting. It has been a week now.
I have been sick, restless and apprehensive. I don't believe i am capable of more, and would welcome a hospital stay for myself. I don't know if or how well I will recover. I am tired, focus poorly, and have accrewed dangerous levels of stress. Sometimes I feel like I am at the edge of insanity. The ability to structure, organize and interpret my experiences shows indication of failure, a tangible feeling. Depression I have suppressed for care purposes feels like a tsunami about to break. I still have some things in life I would like to do, but I may not survive this time. If not, I wanted to say goodbye to people who will understand. I understand your pain. We all dream of escaping it. Still, we don't want life to sweep us off its gameboard. Otherwise we would already be gone.
Thank you for taking time to read this. I am sorry to not be offering encouragement today. Take good care of yourselves, and share your kindness/compassion with one another liberally. My best to all.

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Saved again - Episode of unreachable #Depression #Autistic

Days of darkness
Swirls of negativity
Ready to fall knives of guilt

Episodes of being unreachable
Depth of hurt pulling you down

You see the light
You have the Knowledge
You have a Practice
You have People bringing light

A picture a post a call a text lifts you up pulls you out.

Usually there has been a savior reaching the unreachable.

This episode of unreachable brutal darkness not seen in a long long time .

Being around a community of lives
Lives that are light
All deemed unreachable
Hurt of being perceived unreachable

When the light inside is so bright you have to stay quiet

A communal hurt
When perceived not capable
When perceived not worth much
A communal hurt pushing you down

When the light inside is so bright you have to stay quiet

A voice , a group of voices raise up
Light up the path for the unreachable

Swirls of negativity
Community of hurt
Neurology chemicals body brain gut connect
Pulling you down

Unreachable reached by Angels with tools. Tools to pull their voices out . Tools to educate and spark literacy of possibility for others.

Connect , keep in thoughts , reach out to the unreachable
Reach out to the unreachable with light , with patience, reach out.
Reach out to unreachable , darkness is the enemy here.
Reach out with light reach out with patience reach out to unreachable
Ignorance is the enemy here.

It is possible
Believe it
Voices are possible
Light is possible
Life is possible

Possibility of being reached
Keeps you alive
Possibility of light
Keeps you alive
Possibility of happiness again
Keeps you alive

It is possible even if it’s between episodes of unreachable
It is possible even if it starts out slow
It is possible even if this moment feels unbearable
A moment of unbearable hurt
It will pass
The days of darkness
It will pass
Remember IT WILL PaSS
Say it IT WILL pass
You will see light again.

Voices of unheard
Verbosity of the non verbal
Inspiring spot light was needed to clear the darkness this time.

Deep darkness, fast swirling negativity, knives of guilt reaching everywhere. Salt of shame on the hurt needed something incredible.

Needed the verbosity of a non verbal ,
voice of a non verbal with communal hurt pushing out of her own darkness ,her prison of silence .

Light I can see the light for now atleast.
Pulled up by a autistic by a non speaking autistic typing her thoughts out
Pulled out by a courageous soul with a distinct voice.

The clarity after this episode of being reached inspiring this poem.

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possibly autistic ? #Autism

i’ve been giving more thought into the fact that I may be autistic, it’s kind of scary thinking about it because… Well I don’t want to be autistic, but if I am I want the right help and accommodations for it. I feel that I mask it a lot without knowing that I mask it a lot.. which can be difficult to diagnose because I’m hiding it 90% of the time. But as I’ve done more research it’s looking more and more like I have it, I have troubles with interrupting, physical tics, behavioral issues, meltdowns, going nonverbal, intense interest in limited amount of things, and many other things. I would like to get diagnosed if I really am because everything that has led up to this moment of me realizing I might have autism is really scary but if I am I really want help for it so I can succeed and live peacefully with it. #Autism #Autistic

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Hi, I’m Emrys and I’m autistic

Hello, I’m Emrys. I’m a late self diagnosed autistic. Ive done lots of research and finally feel like I understand myself. I look forward to finding more of my community and learning about how other autistic people live their lives.

If any wants to give advice , or any words really, I’d really appreciate. I guess this is just the first place I can find more people like me and I am happy to meet you all : )

#Autism #Autistic #selfdiagnosed

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A different way of expressing yourself by the way a question is asked

<p>A different way of expressing yourself by the way a question is asked</p>
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Spiral staircase

<p>Spiral staircase</p>
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Navigating Coming Out as Neurodivergent

<p>Navigating Coming Out as Neurodivergent</p>
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Trauma: An Unavoidable Consequence

<p><a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23cec300553f33fe99e90c" data-name="Trauma" title="Trauma" target="_blank">Trauma</a>: An Unavoidable Consequence</p>