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#Autistic masking

"It's exhausting to be someone else, be your full self" -Issa Rae
As an #autisticadult sometimes not masking can be a challenge especially when you’ve done it for so long, especially when for most of my life ( late diagnosed) I didn’t know who I was so I hid who I thought I truly was because I felt my true self was ‘wrong’ turns out I was just autistic 🥰♾️ masking WAS so exhausting I don’t mask anymore if I do it’s out of habit but I’ve made an intentional effort to be my true self with no apologies to anyone, is it completely safe to unmask an a black autistic woman? Absolutely not because I can come off at different times as so many different things and in certain situations it may seem inappropriate, aggressive rude etc when in reality it’s only those things because people are uneducated about autism & unmasking but it’s unfair for autistic people to make ourselves uncomfortable for the comfort of others we have done that long enough 🙏🏽🌻🌸 #Autism #AutismSpectrumDisorder #AutismSpectrum #ASD

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Wired differently #Autism

Sometimes it feels like NT’s are speaking a whole different language maybe it feels that way to them to when their trying to get me to comprehend things sometimes 😂🥴 however I no longer feel guilty about that because that would me feeling guilty for being born, because that’s all I did was be born 🤷🏽‍♀️ I just happen to be wired differently so naturally navigating a world not made for me is going to be a bit more challenging but I do my best & that’s what matters most 🥰 neurodivergent people deserve grace we bend A LOT to navigate this world I don’t think it’s asking too much for this world to bend just a little for us 🫶🏽🌸♾️ different doesn’t mean stupid 👌🏽 #Autistic #AutismSpectrumDisorder #AutismSpectrum

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There’s nothing wrong with being #Autistic

There's nothing wrong with being autistic,
There's a lot wrong with making people feel there is… it’s wrong on so many levels it’s unfair to those of us who are #actuallyautistic we already battle daily with ourselves & the challenges that come with our #neurodivergent minds in this neurotypical world 🌍 we don’t need unfair stigmas reinforced by the ignorance of those who most of the time know nothing about autism besides the name 🙃 it’s unfair to those who may have been open to learn but then became hesitant because of misinformation from society who hates us for prejudices sometimes they don’t even know! Autistic people have always been here, autistic people will always be here & we don’t need to be fixed 😊💜🫶🏽✨🌸#AutismSpectrumDisorder #AutismSpectrum #AutismAcceptance

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I’m #Autistic & I’m phenomenal

💖 I looked back at myself as a little black autistic girl and did my best to describe how I viewed the world, how the world affected me, and what it was like to navigate the world. Creating the images was, of course, my favorite part, and I actually created the illustrations before the text, which some might call backwards, but it worked for me. What I hope readers gain from my book is that while autism is challenging and it’s not always fun, there is a good side, and we have our autistic joys. We have strong points and everyone can learn something from us if you get to know us and give us a chance 💖🫶🏽♾️ Phenomenallyautistic 🥰 Me speaking about my book ‘I’m Autistic & I’m Phenomenal’ available now on Amazon 🔗 in bio 📚 #autismacceptance #Autism #autisticjourney #autisticjoy #blackandautistic #autisticandblack #autismingirls #autisticgirls #sensoryprocessingdisorder #sensoryprocessing #autisticmeltdown #autisticlife #blackbabybooks #blackcreatives #blackcreators #autisticcreator #autisticcreators #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #autizzy #neurospicy #contentcreator #becauseofthemwecan #kidsbookstagram #blackchildrensbooks #blackautisticlivesmatter

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Autism Meltdowns

I could visually be upset or look like I’m in the best mood in the world sometimes, sometimes you can just know let me stay tf away from her 😂 sometimes I may look approachable 🥴 but you wouldn’t know by my smile or approachable spirit that I’m having a meltdown, probably caused by something small probably caused by nothing at all, it happens 😭 just like every single autistic person is different every single #Autistic persons #meltdowns are different 🫶🏽 don’t stare there’s nothing to see here ♾️ #Autistic #ASD #AutismSpectrum #AutismAcceptance

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#Autism Food & Routine

I THRIVE off routine! Routine keeps me going down to the foods I eat, I would starve before I change my eating patterns 😭😂 not purposely but change in basic routine combined with change in food routine can really send me over the edge 😂😂😂 green apples matter 🍏 😂 in my defense I did TRY to eat the red ones because I do always try but I just COULD NOT my dad was baffled 😂😂😂🥴 like their APPLES I told him it’s really not that simple it may look like something as small as it just being an apple but its way bigger then that my routine is important one change in routine if for just one moment can throw me off for days so yes something as simple as an apple can make me feel like my life is off track 😭 routine’s produce stability and comfort I don’t have to ‘guess’ what’s coming so my anxiety doesn’t get anxiety 😥 justice for green apples 🍏 Happy Wednesday ☺️ #actuallyautistic #autismacceptance #autismlife #Autistic #autisticadults #blackandautistic #autisticandblack #blackwhileautistic #autismadvocate #autismadvocacy #autismadvocates #blackautisticwoman #blackautisticwomen #blackautismadvocate #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #neurospicy #autizzy #autisticcreator #autisticcreatives #blackcreatives #sensoryprocessingdisorder #sensoryoverload #ADHD #audhd

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#Autism & #MentalHealth

May is #MentalHealthAwareness month 🙏🏽 just so you know #Autism is NOT a mental illness it’s a neurological disorder! However many autism people LIVE with mental illnesses, remember I said live not suffer! I live with Anxiety, depression, PTSD & dissociative disorder, I’ve had several suicide attempts I may or may not have had these conditions if I wasn’t autistic or not! Suicide , anxiety , depression & many more mental health illnesses are very real! most ppl won’t ask for health in fear of being laughed at, judged, misunderstood and called crazy
Try being understanding
Try being a listening ear
Try kindness
You never know what a person has gone through & possibly still going through
Suicide is not funny
Anxiety is not funny
Depression is not funny
Mental health issues are not funny
Suicide should not be judged
Anxiety should not be judged
Depression should not be judged
Mental health issues should not be judged
If you are struggling you can call the National suicide prevention hotline at 988 🙏🏽
#youarenotalone #MentalHealthAwareness #meantalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalillness #Anxiety #deppresion #PTSD #cptsd #Autistic #actuallyautistic #neurodivergent #wearthepeace #autizzy #neurospicy #blackandautistic #autisticandblack

Sweatshirt by @wearthepeacesupport

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We don’t go away with the month of April #Autism #ASD #Autistic #AutismAcceptanceMonth

Sorry we do not go away with the month our struggles do not go away when April leaves
Our challenges do not go away when April leaves
The stigmas placed up autism do not go away when April leaves
The world is still overwhelming when April leaves
Tags in clothes still feel like a sledgehammer 😂😭 when April leaves
Eye contact can still cause us to faint when April leaves 🥴 I’m sure you get my point by now 😆
But know what stays year round? Our open mindedness, the unique way we see the world , our HUGE hearts & traits only neurodivergent minds posses 🥰🫶🏽 so while the world may put all their ‘we support autism signage’ back in the closet until next year, you can’t pack up the amazingness we posses YEAR ROUND 😆💜🫶🏽

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Non Speaking episodes in my children’s book #Autism #Autistic #AutismAcceptance #ASD

🦋Non Speaking does not mean no communication🦋 👌🏽 I chose to write about non speaking episodes in my children’s book ‘I’m Autistic & I’m Phenomenal’ because there’s a misunderstanding that a person who is non speaking is non verbal, has no way to communicate when in reality there are many ways, drawing ✍🏽, writing things down ✍🏽, texting 💬, sign language 🤟🏽& there are many many AAC apps for adults and also kid friendly ones, AAC apps are augmentative/alternative communication programs that allow a person to communicate with those around them without speaking 🙏🏽 it’s important for these things to be normalized & not only familar to #Autistic children their families & other non speaking people ❤️❤️❤️

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