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16 Songs That Describe These 7 Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

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In the midst of a bad mental health episode, I find few things as relatable as a really great song. In the case of bipolar disorder, it can be helpful to find songs to describe its many moving parts. That’s why we reached out to our bipolar disorder community for the songs they feel describe their mania, depression, creative bursts and more. We hope you find them relatable and, perhaps, that they’ll help you the next time you’re experiencing their associated symptom. While you’re here, be sure to let us know what you’d add in the comments below.

• What is Bipolar disorder?

Here’s what our community shared with us:

1. The ‘Crash’ After a Manic Episode

“Nightmare” by The Amity Affliction

“[Especially the lyrics], ‘When it all comes crashing down and you don’t know where to go, Yeah you think the world is ending but I swear you’re not alone.’ It’s a pretty isolating feeling when you start to come down and you can’t get replies from friends or family because of something wild you’ve done. Or, that ‘I need my ass kicked’ feeling when you get the credit card statement or use up all your ‘weekly necessities’ money in 24 hours or less after you get paid. I’m glad, when the crash hits, I still have a few people who won’t let me cave to the storm I’ve made alone and help me help myself get up again.” — Caitlyn P.

“The A Team” by Ed Sheeran

“I relate to the song because it feels like I’ve crashed on some sort of hard street drug. I feel numb, empty and hopeless when I’ve come down from mania.” — Deidra C.

2. A Burst of Creativity

“The Beauty Underneath” from Love Never Dies

“It talks about how dark and weird things can be beautiful if you look at them the right way.” — Ashley T.

“The Adventure” by Angels & Airwaves

“Bursts of creativity can be a sign of mania for me. I feel like [this song] personifies it for me. When it’s mild mania, I feel like a role-playing game (RPG) character accomplishing missions. When it’s full-blown mania and I need to go to an inpatient facility, I’m trying to teach everyone how to play the game.” — Deidra C.

3. Irritability

“Leave Me Alone, I’m Lonely” by P!nk

“This perfectly describes the back and forth of slipping in and out: ‘Go away. Come back. Go away. Come back.‘” — Pierre-Julien C.

“Lost Cause” by Beck

“It all gets so exhausting and you end up hurting people without wanting to, and then you feel alone. Not to mention the video’s depiction of Beck’s face on a flashy robot falling and crashing to Earth in slow motion. It’s like, I get built up into the freaking atmosphere, manic and flashy and wild, but then I crash and burn. It literally makes you feel like a lost cause.” — Lynn C.

4. “Bipolar Rage”

“Crawling” by Linkin Park

“My skin starts to crawl and everything someone says or does just makes it worse. I do everything in my power to not snap and unleash it on those around me.” — Jessica M.

“The Red” by Chevelle

“When I’m in my bipolar rage, I feel alone, I start becoming irritable until something finally sets me off. I start freaking out and I see red. I’m left in the aftermath of my anger once I finally come down from it. It’s a great explanation of how it feels to go through one of these rage episodes: ‘They say freak when you’re singled out; the red, well it filters through. So lie down, the threat is real when his eyes go red again.‘” — Chantel S.

5. Rapid Cycling

“Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies

“Since it’s rapid cycling, I never know where my mind is. It’s unpredictable. It’s one of my favorite songs to help me rid myself of feelings that I’m alone.” — Jocelin B.

“Almost Had Me” by Lights

“I have such a love-hate relationship with my rapid cycling, but I know I’ll always be hurt in the end. This song describes my fight with it.” — Lauren C.

6. Mania

“Some Nights” by Fun

“It’s my go-to mania song. It’s how I feel while manic. My favorite line is: ‘Some nights I stay up, cashing in my bad luck.’ Then, the part about seeing your ghost. That’s my mania. The ghost is my stable self. Anytime I’m manic, I go to that song.” — Beth B.

“The Devil’s Workday” by Modest Mouse

The horns sound mischievous, and the lyrics are almost nonsensical. But it ends with him saying, ‘I am my own damn god,’ and laughing almost accusingly. All of that is what goes on inside my head during a manic phase.” — Denise L.

“Girl Anachronism” by Dresden Dolls

“I’ve got the perfect song: every word, the beating on the drums, the pounding on the piano keys. ‘I might be catching so don’t touch, you start believing you’re immune to gravity and stuff.’” — Naoko P.

7. Depression

“Jet Black Heart” by 5 Seconds of Summer

“It talks about how depression can take over everything and how making connections with people can help. For me, the song describes how you can change and help yourself get better. It means so much to me that I got a tattoo for it.” — Julia F.

“Sober” by Demi Lovato

It doesn’t even have to be regarding alcohol. I think of it as me going into a dark episode; it gives me some hope when I hear that song. ‘Sometimes I just wanna cave and I don’t wanna fight. I try and I try and I try and I try and I try.’” — Sidney P.

“Zero” by Imagine Dragons

“These lyrics spoke to me especially: ‘Let me show you what it’s like to always feel, feel like I’m empty and there’s really real, real. I’m looking for a way out.’ I listen to it when I spiral into the abyss of depression.” — Zcyra B.

What would you add? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published: December 4, 2018
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