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17 Memes You'll Love If You 'Split' Because of Borderline Personality Disorder

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If you live with borderline personality disorder (BPD), you might be familiar with the classic symptom of “splitting,” also known as black-and-white thinking. People who “split” often have difficulty integrating positive and negative qualities of people or situations — causing them to think in extremes (i.e. I’m all bad or all good, or They love me or they’re out to get me).

Splitting can often feel debilitating, but other times, it’s possible to take a step back and laugh. While there’s nothing funny about splitting, sometimes people use humor to share their health experiences in a funny and relatable way. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best splitting memes we could find. We hope they bring a smile to your face today.


How my brain works meme
via BPD Meme Queen Facebook page


meme text: 'I promise I won't get weirdly attached to the next person who's nice to me"
via ashzxlla Tumblr


much BPD splitting - doge meme
via Meme Generator


you can't hurt people or become toxci towards them if you push them away meme
via bpd-faust Tumblr


via It-danger Tumblr


meme: cute little boy holding sign that says: "Text back faster bitch I'm tryna stay calm and not believe you are abandoning me"
via humor-is-coping Tumblr


via thatthursdaygirl Tumblr


when you find out the person you've been idealizing is actually a human being with positive and negative personality traits
via @schizopal Tumblr


via BPD Meme Queen Facebook page


via theemotionalkiwi Tumblr



when you've literally just met someone but you're already obsessed with them
via ashzxlla Tumblr


via may-satan-be-with-you Tumblr


they can't hurt you if you split on them meme
via keiko-chaaan Tumblr


light switch meme: clingy and distant
via BPD Meme Queen Facebook page


via theemotionalkiwi Tumblr


via BPD Meme Queen Facebook page


via BPD Meme Queen Facebook page

If you struggle with “splitting,” you’re not alone. In her piece, “The Different Ways I ‘Split’ as Someone With BPD,” Mighty contributor Megan Glosson shares what has helped her manage this symptom — you might relate to her words:

I’m learning, though, that splitting doesn’t have to end in shouting matches or even reach that point of escalation at all. As I work toward a life worth living, I am developing skillful means through dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) that can help me push through those moments when the magnitude of pain reaches breaking points.

To connect with other BPD warriors in our community 24/7, download our app and post using the hashtag, #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder.

Originally published: April 4, 2019
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