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I Won't Apologize for Putting My Health First

In the face of illness there are many things we may feel the need to apologize for, so let me begin by saying I am sorry.

I am sorry my inability to work or need to call in sick affects you. Imagine the inconvenience it would place on you if the roles were reversed.

I am sorry I cannot attend everything I am invited to; however, my rest and my health are more important.


I am sorry we may have lost touch. Staying in touch with my family and myself takes every bit of energy I have.

I am sorry for being honest when you ask how I feel, as you seem to get frustrated when I don’t say, “I’m cured.”

I am sorry for my messy house; I frankly don’t have the energy to keep up.

I am sorry my illness annoys, inconveniences or confuses you. The feeling is mutual.

I am sorry I am chronically ill, but will never be sorry for putting myself, my health and my family first.

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