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How Books Have Helped Me Cope With Chronic Illness

Hello, I am Morgan. I am 16 and I am diagnosed with several different chronic illnesses. I was perfectly fine three years ago, but then I developed health issues. My life felt like it was torn away. I felt like I was defective, an outcast and a burden on those around me.

I started staying in my room, searching for a way to escape from my painful life. Something to do when I couldn’t sleep. I found the one thing that helps me escape. Books, lovely marvels of written language.


In books I wasn’t the sick girl. I could be the hero, traveler, warrior and the super. I didn’t feel the pain when I was in the other world. My body was no longer against me. I no longer felt like a burden.

I found that superheroes were my favorite characters to read about. They are outcasts, different, and no one knows who and what they are. I hid my illnesses like they hide their powers. I live a double life, just like the supers.

Books have saved my life. Without them I don’t know if I would be here today. They helped me escape my life. I found peace with the characters, stepping into their shoes. I had adventures that are not possible, and I am no longer the sick little girl hiding in her room.

But one thing that is lacking in my favorite books: disabled main characters in action adventure. So I have turned my passion for books into filling this hole. I have written the first in a series of books, featuring characters that are the heroes and are also disabled. My book will be self-published on Kindle soon. For more information about Ria Ruse Chronically Super Book One you can visit my blog.

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