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7 Things in My Spoonie Bathroom That Just Make Sense

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Since people showed interest in my list of things in my spoonie bedroom that just make sense, as I sat soaking my feet in my tub, I thought why not write one for the bathroom? Maybe it’ll help someone out there, and so you don’t have to go through the trial and error I did. Here goes nothing!

1. My cell phone

I know a lot of people take their phone with them to the bathroom.  For me it’s not from boredom;  it’s because of a traumatic experience. I went to the bathroom at around 3 am and collapsed, knocking myself unconscious. I was lucky it was at a time my dad was home. Had it not been, I had no way of contacting anyone. So it might just be a trauma response, but I feel more comfortable bringing my phone with me just in case I have another incident.

2. My shower chair/stool

I would always sit on the side of the tub to take showers, especially after work. I don’t have confirmed POTs, but it’s suspected. So showering takes a lot out of me. I recently had extensive knee surgery and decided to get a decent shower chair as opposed to the cheap ones I’ve bought in the past. Even though I’ve recovered from my surgery, I use it every day. Because we all know showering is exhausting. I especially love using it when I have to wash my hair because with thick, curly hair it’s a work out. It helps my heart rate not get as high as it used to while standing.

3. A basket for my hair products 

Speaking of having curly hair, I keep all of my hair supplies in a little basket next to my shower. I share the bathroom with my dad so I don’t want to take up too much space so organizing everything helps us coexist. I do this for two reasons; firstly, it’s easier to work with wet hair with a curly hair routine. More importantly, I can sit in my chair while putting in all of the product. This way I don’t have to rush because of fatigue.

4. A shower organizer 

I got this because it has places to flip your products upside down so you don’t have to squeeze them. Sometimes that’s easier for me when my hands hurt or my wrists are subluxed. I know they have other pump bottles that you can put products in to make them easier to distribute. This is just what works for me. The different shelves also help with my ADHD because I have medicated shampoo for my scalp psoriasis and if I don’t leave it out I will 100% forget to use it.

5. A bottle of distilled water

This is for all of you struggling with allergies out there. I keep a bottle of distilled water in my bathroom because I use a Nettie pot for my nose on a semi-regular basis. My allergist recommended giving it a try and it helps with my post-nasal drip.  I didn’t use distilled water originally and thought “what the heck I’ll just use regular water.” Then my friend, who’s a nurse, freaked out because she’s convinced I’m going to get a brain eating amoeba using tap water. So might as well be safe right? Don’t need one more thing to worry about.

6. Bath salts

I keep epsom salts next to my bath because of how sore my muscles will get on a daily basis. Now that I am in physical therapy a few times a week my legs are exhausted, so I can just sit in there and soak. Which I may or may not be doing right now. It doesn’t have to be epsom salts; it can be whatever your heart desires. Don’t get me wrong I love a bath bomb every once and a while too.

7. Squatty potty

I always put off buying one of these because I was embarrassed. But because of my hypermobility and fibromyalgia, my stomach is a disaster, and this genuinely helps when I need it. I got my mom one for Mother’s Day and she swears by it now. I feel like every spoonie knows the struggle and it shouldn’t be embarrassing for me to recommend this product. So I’ll just have to get over that!

I obviously have a ton of other things in my bathroom like body wash and shampoo and conditioner. My only other recommendation is trying to buy all natural products. Not only are they good for the environment, but if you’re anything like me and have reactions to everything, I find I have less reactions to literally anything labeled all natural and cruelty-free, compared to those who aren’t labeled as such.

Getty image by kazmulka

Originally published: December 9, 2022
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