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10 Products That Can Help You Manage Chronic Pain at Work

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Editor's Note

We hope the products below, all recommended by our Mighty community members, help you or a loved one in your health journeys. Just so you know, The Mighty may collect a share of sales from the Amazon links on this page.

For people who live with chronic pain, it can be hard to know how your pain will affect your ability to complete tasks on a day to day basis. This can be especially challenging while you are at work and are trying to complete tasks while managing your symptoms.

This is why finding techniques to manage your chronic pain symptoms can be so important. For some people with chronic pain, they find certain products to be helpful in managing their chronic pain. I personally find heating pads to be helpful during flares of chronic pain.

To help find you some products which can help provide relief at work while managing chronic pain, we asked The Mighty community for products that they find helpful. Here are some of their recommendations.

1. Fingerless Compression Gloves

fingerless compression gloves

If you experience chronic pain in your hands, it can be difficult to do tasks like sending emails or writing reports. This is why some members of the Mighty community recommend using fingerless compression gloves, which can help reduce pain and swelling.

Fingerless compression gloves. I’m a writer, so it’s important to keep my hands going,” Shayna Fortner-Watrous said.

Buy gloves on the left for $9.69 from Amazon.

2. Pain Relief Cream

Bottle of Real Time Pain Relief Cream.

Another type of product that some members of The Mighty community recommended was pain relief cream. In particular, Katelyn Irene said that she suggests people try Real Time Pain Relief Cream.

“Real Time Pain Relief cream is a lifesaver. It comes in all different sizes. I have a travel one in my purse, a large pump bottle in my bedroom, and I keep sample pouches in my gym bag, dance bag, and glovebox,” Irene said.

Buy the pain relief cream featured above for $28.50 from Amazon.

3. Adjustable Footrest

Advertisement of Sacro desk footrest from Target.

Many jobs require workers to sit at desks for an extended period of time, which can pose a challenge if you are dealing with back pain. So an adjustable footrest can be helpful to manage pain while you are completing tasks.

The desk is too high for me to comfortably sit in my chair while still having my feet on the ground and at the correct angle for my hips and back so I invested in an adjustable footrest and it’s made a big difference! My sciatic nerve doesn’t get quite as agitated so I’m able to get up and move around after sitting,” Samantha Stiles said.

Buy an adjustable footrest (pictured) for $36.49 from Target.

4. Heating Pads

Person modeling a heading pad on their shoulder.An electric heating pad.

Some people find relief for managing their chronic pain with heat. There are different kinds of heating pads which range in sizes, while some are more general, others target different parents of the body. Check out more recommendations for portable heating products here.

Buy a microwavable heating pad (left) for $18.99 from Amazon. Buy an electric heating pad (right) for $33.83 from Amazon.

5. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Blue Hydro Flask water bottle

An important part of managing chronic pain is making sure that your physiological needs are met, which includes staying hydrated. Mighty community member Janell Womack recommends the Hydro Flask water bottle.

“[I suggest the] Hydro Flask water bottle. Being able to keep my ice water ice cold helps to keep me hydrated, and as long as I can stay hydrated [and take] my pain meds,” Womack said.

Buy 21-ounce Hydro Flask water bottle for $32.95 from L.L. Bean.

6. CBD Oil

hemplucid vape/drip

Just like with chronic pain management in general, some people rely on alternative medicine to manage chronic pain during work. One of these methods includes using CBD oil. Be sure you are aware of any workplace rules and state laws regarding CBD before using. Discover our community’s recommendations for the CBD products they use here.

Buy the vape/drip featured above starting at $29.95 from Hemplucid.

7. Exos Form II Back Brace

A person wearing an Exos Form II back brace by DJ Global

Braces are another product that members of The Mighty community shared that they use to manage their chronic pain while at work. These braces can help stabilize areas that chronic pain affects. Cole Koyama shares that he finds his back brace to be helpful in pain management.

“My Exos Form-II back brace by DJO Global. I have to use it sparingly in my life, so I save it for work. By far the best, and most supportive back brace,” Koyama said.

Buy Exos Form-II Back Brace for $243.20 from RehabMart.

8. Flexible Desk

FlexiSpot flexible desk.

If you live with chronic pain, you know that changing positions can be helpful when dealing with a flare-up. Flexible desks can be useful while at work, so you are able to switch sitting and standing while still being able to get work done.

Flexible desk for standing or sitting so I can stand or sit as needed,” Brinn Goddard recommended.

Buy ClassicRiser Flexible Desk for $279.99 from FlexiSpot

9. Orthopedic Chair

two types of ergonomic office chairs

If you work a desk job, there’s a good chance that you will spend a lot of your day sitting. This is why the right type of chair can be so important. Different types of chairs work better for people with chronic pain, with kneeling ones helping some but not others. Janey Gover shared that her company got her an orthopedic chair.

“I am one of the luckier ones, as my company has given me a special orthopedic chair,” Gover said.

Buy kneeling posture chair (left) for $114.25 from Amazon. Buy ergonomic task chair (right) for $269.29 from Amazon.

10. Ice Packs

two types of ice packs

While the heat can help manage chronic pain for some, the cold or a mixture of the two can help others. There are many different types of ice packs that people can use while at work. Two include reusable ice packs which are aimed at the lower pack and also gives heat therapy (left), while another type is for one-time emergency uses (right). Click here to discover more portable cooling products recommended by our community.

Buy Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Wrap (left) for $17.97 from Amazon. Buy 50-Count IceWraps Instant Cold Breakable Ice Pack for $36.99 from Amazon.

Editor’s note: The CBD product featured in #6 has been updated for accuracy. 

Originally published: October 8, 2018
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