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14 Lady Gaga Songs That Help People Through Chronic Pain

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On days when chronic pain feels like too much, sometimes the best “medicine” is distracting yourself with something that makes you happy and encourages you to keep fighting. For many of us, listening to music provides comfort or motivation and can help us to feel less alone in our battles. One of the artists enjoyed by many in our community is Lady Gaga – a chronic pain warrior herself.

Lady Gaga may be best known for her fun, catchy songs or even her mental health advocacy (one of her songs, “Til It Happens to You,” was written about sexual assault on college campuses). However, many of those with chronic pain have found her music to be relatable and helpful in facing their daily battles. After Gaga began opening up about her journey with chronic pain and confirmed her fibromyalgia diagnosis, many may find her music more relatable than ever.

We asked our community to share which Lady Gaga songs help them through tough times with chronic pain. Maybe you’ll find strength in some of these songs, too.

Here’s what the community shared with us:

1. “Million Reasons”


“The song ‘Million Reasons’ has helped me tremendously in believing in myself that yes, I can do this! I put that song on and I believe I can kick fibromyalgia‘s ass! And truly, Lady Gaga has helped me kick fibro’s ass for eight years now with her empowering music and her fiery soul and spark!” – Victoria R.

“Fibromyalgia has given me a million reasons to give up, but I have found the hope and resilience to stay.” – Tanya R.

2. “Til It Happens to You”


“It’s a song that I feel like puts things into perspective. No one ever thinks something will happen to them. Especially dealing with chronic pain and invisible illnesses, you can’t always see it, so then people think, ‘Well, [if] I can’t see it, then it’s not real.’ The first verse talks about how it gets better with time, but I feel like with chronic pain we adapt with time. It doesn’t necessarily get better. We just become stronger.” – Em J.

“There are times I would like to be able to touch someone and transfer what I’m feeling. Let them sit with CFS [chronic fatigue syndrome], fibro pain and mental illness for 15 minutes and then ask if they understand and believe me now.” – Tamara M.

3. “Bloody Mary”


“‘We are not just art for Michelangelo to carve. He can’t rewrite the agro of my furied heart.’ ‘Bloody Mary’ gets me flying through the final push of my solo spinning workout – a workout I fight through the wall of fatigue to even start.” – Veronica R.

4. “Hey Girl” (feat. Florence Welch)


“Not only is it a song sung by two of the artists I listen to most when I need comfort, but the words are also about supporting one another. Sometimes it can feel like we’re fighting so many battles and it can turn into a horrible ‘my pain is worse than yours’ fight on top of that, but this song serves to remind us that regardless of what illness we’re fighting, we can help and support each other through the worst times.” – Bethany S.

5. “Born This Way”


“‘Born This Way’ – I always have hurt. Even as a child I was in pain and was cold. I thought everyone ached and hurt.” – Coys D.

“I may not be able to cure myself, but I’m special because I was born this way.” – Stephanie M.

6. “The Cure”


“I take it super literal, as I have multiple incurable illnesses. Actually a pretty powerful song when you think about it in terms of illness.” – Kali P.

“It is everything my husband has ever said to me due to EDS/fibro. It was even our wedding song.” – Karlee S.

7. “Bad Romance”


“My favorite has always been ‘Bad Romance.’ I think the tune and rhythm are so upbeat. I like songs I can sing along to. I enjoy singing, and belting out a good tune while doing housework helps distract me from the pain.” – Jaz H.

“‘Bad Romance’ since I feel like I’m in a toxic relationship with my arthritis. Plus, the song is just full of energy!” – Heath A. R.

8. “Edge of Glory”


“‘Edge of Glory’ for sure. ‘Put on your shades, because I’ll be dancing in the flames tonight’ makes me feel like I can survive it.” – Erika R. H.

“The beat and lyrics just keep me moving through the dark days.” – Sarah-Jane F.

9. “Paparazzi”


“I used to take hundreds of photos of anything I could because it brought me joy. Usually I am in too much pain to try and take pictures, nor do I like to have pictures taken because I usually just look so exhausted. Every time I hear that song it takes me back to that time of joy and excitement of having my life captured in pictures.” – Brittany J.

10. “Poker Face”


“‘Poker Face,’ as I never show my true feelings.” – Abbie B.

11. “Applause”


“‘Applause’ helps motivate me [and] reminds of the diva and star I am.” – Princess T.

12. “Just Dance”


“‘Just Dance’ – it’s literally tattooed on my foot.” – Aaron R. D. D.

13. “You and I”


“‘You and I.’ It is my and my partner’s song. [I have a] tattoo [that] says ‘you and I’ after her song and our love story.” – Heidi H.

14. “Marry the Night”


“To me, ‘Marry the Night’ is about embracing the darkest days, the toughest moments. No matter what you’re struggling with, it’s important to recognize that even the parts of yourself you may think make you ‘weak’ or ‘vulnerable’ are actually the parts that make you strong. Even on the darkest nights of chronic illness, I ‘won’t give up on my life’ because I’m a ‘warrior queen.’” – Paige A.

Which Lady Gaga songs help you through tough times with chronic pain? Share in the comments below.

Photo courtesy of Lady Gaga’s Facebook page

Originally published: September 15, 2017
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