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14 Memes That Nail What Winter Is Like With Chronic Illness

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Some may look forward to winter for the first magical snowfall, holiday festivities or bundling up on a cold evening next to the fire. But for many of those with chronic illness, winter can be less of a “wonderland” and more of a frigid season filled with increased pain and flare-ups.

Maybe the icy breeze aggravates your allodynia, or the cold weather seeps into your bones, causing extra pain and stiffness. Perhaps your internal barometer constantly goes off with aches and pains due to all the precipitation that falls this time of year. Or maybe you have an intolerance or sensitivity to cold weather, and your body practically freezes as soon as the temperature begins to drop. Whatever the reason, winter can be a tough time for many chronic warriors (though others may struggle just as much, if not more, during the summer!).

Since hibernating and waking up come spring isn’t exactly an option, we wanted to spread some virtual warmth and cheer by rounding up a few memes that nail what it’s like to be chronically ill during the winter. If this is a difficult time of year for you, you’re not alone!

1. When snow could be fun… if it didn’t cause massive pain flares:

winter, but without the chronic pain
via @mel_shishi Twitter

2. When you need to bundle up in a million layers because you’re sensitive to cold:

other girls in winter vs. me in winter: photo of fashionable woman compared to ron swanson bundled up
via @twobrokedivas Instagram

3. When winter aggravates your chronic pain:

picture of elsa that says "the cold actually does bother me anyway"
via @freshsleeved Instagram

4. When it seems like you’re the only one not looking forward to winter:

everyone: i'm sooo excited for winter! pumpkin spice and sweaters cure my depression haha people with chronic pain: I'm in danger
via @stupidgoth69 Twitter

5. When even the slightest cool breeze against your skin causes a pain flare:

me as soon as the temperature drops 2 degrees and i feel a little breeze: photo of a chihuahua wearing a sweater
via @dead.dreams.memes Instagram

6. When people question why you’re wearing sunglasses during winter:

what if i told you snow is bright as f***
via u/facepalminghomer Reddit

7. When no amount of exposure will make you any more tolerant of cold temperatures:

mailman wearing shorts in a blizzard, and small child dressed up in giant winter coat. image says "the locals vs. me"
via @misssabo_ Instagram

8. When every season causes health issues:

I miss hating the summer heat
via @wendyyjoy Instagram

9. When you get home and immediately curl up with your heating pads and blankets:

escaping to my room with my electric blanket like... image of cat dragging blanket across the floor
via disabilityhealth Tumblr

10. When cold weather is the worst for your joint pain:

oh the weather outside is frightful and my joint pain is not delightful, but since it's got so darn cold, I feel old, I feel old, I feel old
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

11. When winter means constant flare-ups:

not sure if flare or winter
via Pinterest

12. When the cold weather basically freezes all your joints:

stiffness is coming

13. When there’s no such thing as “too much heat”:

"babe, this heatpack is way too hot" with a photo of daenarys targaryen saying "fire cannot kill a dragon"
via @endo_wut Instagram

14. When winter is finally over:

wasn't that winter cold sensitivity fun? bring on the summer heat sensitivity!
via Pinterest
Originally published: November 27, 2018
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