Sometimes it can be hard to find balance and make sure you are taking care of yourself. For daily mental and physical wellbeing here are some simple self-care tips to practice. One's that you can use every single day to help you find a better work/life/self balance.

Because when you have better balance between action and rest it actually makes you more productive, nicer to be around, happier, AND able to give more to others!

Self-Care Tip No1 :: Take time to unplug!

Schedule time each day to consciously log off social media + email each day. Even for 10 minutes - take a walk, take a quick reading break, spend time making a meal

Self-Care Tip No2 :: Spend time on your own

Taking time each day to be on your own isn’t selfish, it’s essential. Time alone allows our Brain to decompress & process the day, unwind, and focus on your feelings & needs

Self-Care Tip No3 :: Make at least 1 meal a day from scratch

Take the time to create a nutritious meal for yourself. Good food fuels your mind & body making you feel good inside and out.

if you can make more than one meal yourself a day, even better!

Self-Care Tip No4 :: Get comfortable saying No. Don't feel pressured to say yes to every social engagement or work project. Saying no and SETTING boundaries is not only healthy, but it's also liberating - it gives you the power to choose how you spend your time.

Self-Care Tip No5 :: Lean on your team of people

It may feel like you need to do all the things or be perfect at everything you do. But this just leads to stress, anxiety & burnout.

Trust family, loved ones & colleagues to make decisions and get things done without you — don't be afraid to ask for help, lean on others when you need them

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