I’m terrified of dentists. When I was 7 years old I had to have a molar (one of the back teeth) taken out. The dentist that my mother took me to assured us that as I was a child, I would NOT need any injections to numb me up. That the tooth would come out easily. All I really remember from that day is what I can only describe as a pair of pliers, hearing my self scream and blood pouring from my mouth onto my face and clothes.

After that traumatic event I couldn’t even walk PAST the dentists office without breaking down. I’d start shaking uncontrollably, I’d start sobbing and then I’d lose consciousness. So for years after this my mum and my dad didn’t take me to the dentist. Until I was 16 and I had a horrendous infection in one of my back teeth. I was in agony; I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t think... It was awful. But mum managed to get me inside the dentists office but as soon as I sat in the chair I screeched. The dentist didn’t dare look in my mouth and instead prescribed strong antibiotics. After the infection cleared up I went right back to pretending that dentists didn’t exist.

Just over a year ago I noticed some discolouration between my two front teeth. There’s only ONE thing I fear more than dentists. And that’s ending up with dentures like my mum and dad. So I made an appointment at a different office and they booked me in with the manager. Her name is Nicola and she is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I told her about my experiences and my fears. She promised that she wouldn’t do anything without my permission and she’d tell me before doing anything. So I got in the chair. She asked me to open my mouth and always told me what she was going to do and then waited a few moments so I could try and brace myself.

By the end of the examination she told me that three or four teeth will need to be removed - they can’t be saved. And that I needed five fillings. Two of which were needed urgently or I’d lose my two front teeth. We booked an appointment (for the two urgen fillings) for the next week and my GP gave me some diazepam (valium) to calm me down for the appointment. I got through it okay and once she was done I wasn’t ashamed of smiling anymore. You couldn’t even see the fillings unless you’re looking for them!

I’m waiting to be referred to hospital for the rest of the dental work to be done under general anaesthetic. Nicola said that she didn’t want to risk trying to do all of the work at the office and have me be in a little pain and freak out and not see a dentist for another 10 years. She’s very kind.

But what I don’t understand is... I brush and floss my teeth twice a day! I don’t eat or drink sugar things either. And my teeth are falling out, cracking off and dying. But my SISTER? She hasn’t brushed her teeth in so long there are SPIDERWEBS on her toothbrush. She has several energy drinks a day, she eats an insane amount of junk food... And has no problems. It’s not fair!

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