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7 'Red Flags' That Are Easy to Miss When You're Slipping Back Into Depression

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As someone who has struggling with depression for many years, I still find myself getting sucked into the black hole. But I’ve lived with it for so long, how did I not spot the signs it was making a return?

If I think about it long enough, there were signs — I was just too unwell to see them. So looking back, what were the red flags?

1. Spending more time in bed. I would shut myself away for hours lying on my bed. My room became a safe place for me to hide away in and shut everyone else out.

2. Lack of personal care. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I wouldn’t shower and wouldn’t brush my teeth for days. It was just too much effort. And in all honesty, I didn’t give a damn what I looked like, so why bother?

3. Unexplained tearfulness. I just wanted to cry pretty much the whole time. If I wasn’t already crying, literally anything could trigger me to tears. I know this sign may sound a cliché, but for me it was definitely there.

4. Inability to concentrate. I love reading, but I would find myself unable to concentrate enough to read the books I loved. Same goes for TV. I would drift off in my own thoughts whiles watching a TV show.

5. Anxiety. For me, anxiety is the brother that depression brings when it comes to stay. They go hand-in-hand. All the familiar symptoms of anxiety will return, making life near impossible.

6. My music taste changesThis is pretty self-explanatory. I’ll swap any upbeat dance/ happy music for something I can identify with mood-wise. I’ll also listen to music a lot more than usual.

7. Isolation. I’ll isolate myself from everyone and just need to be alone.

It has to be noted that these are my red flags. Everyone is different. Maybe it’s worth noting some of yours and sharing them with someone close to you. That way they can spot them when you’re not able to.

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Originally published: March 26, 2019
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