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27 Things People Living With Depression Want Their Friends to Know

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True friends should be able to talk to each other about anything — dark secrets, embarrassing moments and confessions too personal to post on social media.

Still, even for the closest of friends, it can be hard to talk about depression. The isolation, the fog and the utter internal nature of depression makes it hard to open up, especially when you’re in the thick of it.

We asked our Mighty community what they wish their friends understood about living with depression.

If you know someone with depression, this might help you understand:

1. “I don’t have the energy it takes to be a terrific friend sometimes. When my depression is active, even putting on socks takes a lot of effort. Please be patient with me — I’m exhausted.” — Christine L Hauck


2. “Even though it seems like I have every reason in the world to be happy, I may still be enveloped in the dark cloud of depression.” — Jamie Spore

3. “Saying ‘I’m a little depressed today’ is hurtful to me. I don’t get ‘a little depressed’ — it’s all encompassing, a black hole.” — Tia Borkowski

4. “I wish they’d understand when you push me away because I don’t talk as much, I really need you to be pulling me closer.” — Ember Ravestar

5. “I’m not down all the time — there are times when I’m positive. Embrace and celebrate these times rather than focusing on my negativity when I’m at my lowest.” — Lexie Nooyen

6. “Don’t take my actions personally. Putting on a strong front and putting all my energy into making it through my day takes a lot out of me. When I cancel plans or say I just can’t today, it’s not because I don’t love you or want you in my life. I’m just exhausted.” — Tammie Nutt


7. “If one more person says, ‘I get sad sometimes, too’ or ‘Other people have it way worse,’ I’m going to scream. I can’t help this constant feeling of dread and despair. I’m not having a pity party or a momentary lapse. This is my default state.” — Kai Cahill 

8. “Relationships are so hard now. My heart still yearns for them, but my head and body can’t deal with it.” — Victoria Sinclair

9. “I try to hide my depression so others aren’t uncomfortable.” — Carol Schaffarzick Wilson

10. “Just because I said ‘no’ to an invitation (or two or three) doesn’t mean I want you to stop inviting me. Just because I look OK doesn’t mean I don’t need your help.” — Amy S Paegel


11. “I won’t reach out when I’m struggling because I don’t want to upset you or be a burden. I don’t like people worrying about me, even if they should be.” — Chelsea Noelani Gober 

12. “Living with depression comes with an amount of isolation that many can’t grasp. We are not intentional on hurting our friends; we really do love you as a friend, but sometimes we just can’t.” — Cassie Buelow

13. “Depression physically and emotionally hurts. Sometimes we just need someone to simply be with us. Not to talk or fix it, but just to be with us… in the moment, no matter how painful it is.” — Lori Reynolds

14. “I don’t need to be fixed. I just need them to be there, love me and be on my side.” — Anna Camp

15. “I do love you, more than I could ever express. I want to (or at least I want to want to) interact with you so our relationship can grow. But depression is like a chain keeping me from reaching out.” — Jordan Sims


16. “I’m so grateful you stuck with me, through good days and bad. I love my friends and family to the end of the world, and I wish more than anything they understood just how thankful I am to have them in my life.” — Brittany Berlin 

17. “Even though I’m sad, grumpy, angry and distant, I really, really need them. I need to be invited to dinner, even if I can’t promise I’ll be good company.” — Kylie Rixon

18. “I really do want to get better. It’s a war — a painful, exhausting, consuming war, and I’m trying to win.” — Lindsey Hemphill 

19. “It’s not that I’m unhappy with you — I’m unhappy with everything. But it’ll pass, so hold on.” — Punki Munro


20. “Sometimes having conversations, in real life or online, is exhausting. Being around people is exhausting. So when I pull away, I’m just trying to regroup because my already messed up brain is super fried and needs a break.” — Caroline Skrtel

21. “When I cancel plans last minute or don’t contact you, it doesn’t mean I’m mad. It’s taking everything I’ve got just to function.” — Natalie Fossum

22. “Depression isn’t contagious.” — Lexie Sittsamer

23. “Smiles don’t always mean everything is OK.” — Melody Nance

24. “Avoiding talking about my depression doesn’t make it go away — it actually makes it a little worse because I feel less connected. I don’t want to talk about depression all the time, but if I feel like I can’t talk about (because people change the subject quickly or refuse to talk about it at all) I lose a member of my support system.” — Marlena Davis


25. “I miss them.” — Carol Zimmerman

26. “When the anxiety and depression are battling each other I have a war zone in my head. Concentrating on anything to get through the day is sometimes the hardest thing I do… Being mad and making me feel guilty does not make anything better.” — Nycole Shea Dillon-barber

27.Depression is a disease of isolation. When I’m retreating is precisely when I need you most.” — Shawn Henfling


*Some responses have been edited and shortened for brevity.

 27 Things People Living With Depression Want Their Friends to Know

Originally published: December 18, 2015
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