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25 Individuals With Down Syndrome Show Off Their Individuality

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Oftentimes, people think Down syndrome has one “look.” While many people with Down syndrome share characteristics, we know every person is an individual.

We asked members of our community to send us a photo of themselves or a loved one being proud of their individuality!

Little girl with Down syndrome wearing a big white bow and sitting on a fancy red velvet chair.
My daughter is 6 months and she wears designer genes!
Young adult with Down syndrome smiling at camera. Close up of face, he wears glasses and a leather jacket.
Jonathan is 21 and the light of my life. Loved and adored by our whole family and more friends than I could ever count. I am so blessed to be his mom!
Baby girl with Down syndrome sitting and looking at someone off camera and smiling. She wears all pink and has almost no hair.
Eliza is always smiling. She’s 20 months and already has a mended heart and beat leukemia this year!
Little girl with Down syndrome wearing a pink chef's costume, including hat, apron and over mitt. She is waving at the camera with her other hand.
My sweet Emma Grace, who’s 4, loves to help with the cooking and insists on wearing her apron whenever she sees me in mine!

Young woman with Down syndrome looking at the camera with her arms crossed resting on the back of a chair. She has bangs, wears glasses and a green sweater.

Young teen with Down syndrome standing in a parking lot surrounded by ducks as he feeds them. He is looking at the camera and smiling.
My Marion loves to feed the ducks!
Little girl with Down syndrome wearing a red sweater and pumping her arms up.
Sophie showing how much she loves doing art projects!
Little boy with Down syndrome posing for the camera, full body shot and he is wearing a white sweater with a red checkered vest and jeans.
Our sweet Beckett rocks his outfits like a Sir. He is one spunky, energetic and wild 2-year-old who loves everyone!
Baby with Down syndrome sitting on a pale pink sofa chair, she wear a white shirt and has a feeding tube in her nose
This is Miss Jozie. She is 9 months old, and has been our amazing angel. No matter what is going on this girl always finds a smile to flash!
A teenager with Down syndrome sitting on a fancy high back white chair and looking to his cake sitting on a table beside him.
My Angel celebrating his 18th Birthday this year. He had a blast at his party, even had celebrity rappers come out to perform!
Little girl with Down syndrome wearing an unknown super hero outfit (blue with a purple diamond and a yellow flash symbol) and posing with her hands on her hips.
Our 7-year-old superhero is ready for action!
Man with Down syndrome wearing a flannel shirt and cowboy hat looking at camera without smiling.
My brother, Mark. He’s rockin’ his new cowboy hat he got for Christmas. He’s 53.
Little boy with Down syndrome wearing a soccer outfit. He is holding the ball and posing in front of the soccer net.
My 6-year-old soccer player!
Little girl with Down syndrome in studio photo. She is holding a pink guitar, a microphone in front of her. Violin case in the background with violin inside and a guitar sitting in the corner.
My amazing Hannah Grace. At 3 years old she’s been on TV three times and her pictures are published globally!
Man with Down syndrome looking at the camera and smiling. He has a goatee and is posing at the beach.
This is Matt! He’s 43 years old and lights up the world!
Baby with Down syndrome laying on colorful mat wearing a black shirt tat says "Down right perfect" and black bow.
Our sweet little girl brings joy to everyone who knows her.
Pre teen with Down syndrome, posing for the camera being silly and wearing her school backpack.
Janissa, 12, loves to dance and always has a smile that brightens up any day!
Young man with Down syndrome wearing a suit and posing by a white marble fireplace.
Sal (20 years old) getting ready for a night out on the town!
Pre teen with Down syndrome posing for a photo. She wears a pale pink shirt that says, "Beautiful" and a black skirt. She is standing on a red-stained porch.
Mia is a very typical 12 year old girl. She loves clothes, friends and boys! Mia can make anyone smile and has a heart of gold.
Little boy with Down syndrome at school, sitting on a rug, flashcards on the floor and he smiles at camera.
My adorable boy Jarom (6) with his best cheese face. He was so proud to show his teacher his hard work completed.
Little girl with Down syndrome posing at camera hands on her hips. She has two braids and a mint colored long sleeved shirt.
This is my daughter Jahleah, aka Doodle. She is 10 years old and loves music, clothes and fettuccini Alfredo!

Little boy with Down syndrome at school. He is wearing an orange shirt and looking at the camera with an excited look on his face, big grin and clenching fists.

Little girl with Down syndrome wearing pajamas and a toy snake wrapped around her neck.
Charlie! She’s 2 and she’s preparing to be a model… or a professional snake trainer. It’s too soon to tell!
Teenager with Down syndrome wearing a blue basketball jersey "Kansas 1"
Working out with His favorite Jayhawk Jersey. Max Crawford (14).
Woman with Down syndrome wearing a tiara, holding a vase of flowers and a teddy bear.
My sweet sister, Amy, on her 55th birthday!

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Originally published: January 8, 2018
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