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To My Daughter With Down Syndrome on the Day You Turn 18

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My honey bee,

I don’t know where you will be while reading this letter. You might be in a college, your apartment or in your bedroom upstairs — but I imagine wherever you are, you are reading it with the biggest smile on your face. I’d like to tell you that 18 years ago when I found out you had Down syndrome, I was scared, wondering if I would be able to take good care of you! I was scared about you, about me and about a lot of things which really don’t matter now, because you proved me so wrong. You brought more smiles in our life than we could’ve ever imagined. Today, mama wants to tell you a few things that she would like you to always remember.

You are beautiful!

Yes, you are and never let anybody else tell you otherwise. Beauty doesn’t come in one size. It comes in all shapes and sizes and you are beautiful in every possible way. There will be days when you might not like yourself in the mirror. Believe me, it happens to almost all the women (even to the really, really good looking ones) but the important thing is to not let it affect you. Own your body, look after it, respect it and feel good about it. I know you can do all of that and more.

You can do anything.

Trust me, I am not saying this because I am your mom. I am saying this because you are a strong girl. Come on! How many of us get an open heart surgery when being super tiny, or get years of therapies, work so hard and emerge as winners. You have done all of that already. So I have no doubts you can do anything and I will always be here to clap for you and cheer for you.

We are all born different, and so are you.

Yes, you have Down syndrome! It makes you a little slower than others, but I am lazy and that makes me the slowest! Never think if you were born without this extra chromosome that life would’ve been better or perfect. It was always meant to happen this way. You were destined to come in our lives, you were meant to be here with us and nothing would have been better than this. Trust me on this, I am your mom.

Life is difficult.

It is supposed to be. It is going to be. But that should be the reason for you to live it with all that you have; with all the courage you have shown. I know you are one strong girl and with that persistence, combined with hard work, this life will open the doorway to success for you. You are going to have bad days, meet mean people and be in a bad mood. Deal with them on your own because I know you can, and when you need help, come to me, we will kick the butt of everything that is wrong.

Love will help you.

This abundance of love you have in your heart will help you do everything and reach every heart. It will help you make friends, meet strangers and survive in this world. There is scarcity of it and I know you can fill every heart with your unconditional love up to the brim. Your best asset is your happy face and your smile that reaches your eyes, don’t change that about you. You are the most adorable person I know and that is going to be your weapon against all the prejudices of this world. I believe you shall overcome everything.

We will always love you.

This comes without saying, but I would like to tell this to you today, tomorrow and forever. Our love for you will never end. Your dad might not tell this to you every day, but he loved you even before you were born. You are the strawberry of his eyes. And you might think your brother gives you a hard time, but he loves you, too. You are going to be our honey bee forever. We will always be by your side and we will always hold your hand whenever you need us.

In the end, I would like to tell you that you are the best thing that has happened to me. If I could pick and choose my life again, trust me, I would choose the same life and I would always choose you to be my daughter. I am proud of you and will always be.

Lots of love,


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Originally published: November 30, 2017
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