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To Anyone Struggling With Endometriosis: I Know How You Feel

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To anyone struggling with endometriosis,

I know you’re feeling frustrated and defeated, but please know you are not alone. You are one in 10 women. You are one of the 176 million people who struggle with endometriosis daily. We may be many things, but we aren’t alone. Our community is strong and you are brave for getting through 100 percent of every bad day you’ve had so far. Doesn’t that count for something? No one can take that away from you and your story deserves to be heard. I know it seems like your world is closing in and no one cares, but we do. I do. I’ve been where you are at in this moment. Trust me – you can rise up from it.


I know what it’s like to feel helpless and I know what it feels like to have no control over your situation. To feel like your world is ending and you have no purpose for being here.

I know what it’s like to feel utterly exhausted and miserable with life, with others, with yourself. I know the feeling of anger, depression, sadness, misery. I know the struggle all too well.

I know how frustrating it is to be in so much pain and have to tell your story to complete strangers just for them to get it.

I know how it feels when you have to question if your story is even worth telling. If you’re speaking up and saying, “I don’t feel good” or “I’m having a bad day” or “My sickness doesn’t go away, it’s a for-life thing,” I know.

I know how it feels to exhaust all treatment options and “plans” your doctor has for you and still, none of them work.

I know what it’s like… You are not alone.

Tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that. It’ll get better. No, the pain won’t magically go away. I’ve been sick for over 10 years now. I’ve spent the majority of that time stuck in the house isolated from everyone.

I gave up on my goals and my dreams. I stopped living. I was merely going through the motions. Time became a blur and I truly did not care anymore.

You see, this illness can have a way of doing that to you. It has the power to take everything from you. It has as much power over you as you let it have.

I’m choosing to rise up every day despite the pain, the unanswered questions and the doubts of it all. It’s not easy to live with a chronic illness that has no cure, but it’s doable. Don’t believe me? Look in the mirror. You’ve been doing it so far.

Despite the pain and exhaustion you feel, you wake up every day. You choose to push through and continue breathing, you continue to fight! Think about it, you can be unstoppable if you choose to.

I believe in you, I believe in your story and I believe you are capable of accomplishing everything you want in this life.

I’m not telling you to ignore your pain, I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy… I’m telling you it will be worth it. If you change your mindset, you change your life. Use your story to your advantage, make something positive out of it. Demand your story be told. Be what you want to be. The only limits you face are the ones you put upon yourself.

So, will you rise up with me?

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Thinkstock photo via Kikovic.

Originally published: September 12, 2017
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