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When a Fun Day Is Followed by an 'After-Party' With Fibromyalgia

I spent the night dancing, drinking, and singing. Today? I spent it in bed, in pain. That’s fibro for you!

Fibro, or fibromyalgia, affects an estimated five million people in the United States alone, and it affects each one of them differently. I am one of those affected.


I was diagnosed in 2015 and things haven’t been the same since. I’ve had to find a balance for what I can and can’t do. Some days I seem fine – I’m able to walk the mall with no issues or do household work without any pain. But at only 22 I have to struggle to judge if walking from the parking lot into the store is going to tire me out. I can’t go on hikes anymore, running around playing with my dog seems impossible and sometimes I can’t even pick up my godson.

Concerts were one thing I refused to give up because of my fibro. Every summer my best friend and I go to concerts for our birthdays – it’s one of my favorite traditions. So this summer was going to be no different. The concert we were going to was packed, so of course we had to park off-site. I was worried about the walk to and from but felt decent once we got there. Then there was the venue itself. A giant hill is the best I can describe it and we had to get to the top.

At that point I was worried about being able to stand the whole time and not be in pain. My friend suggested we sit down until the main act came on and I was so thankful. From that point on I had no worries. I felt great and my body had given me no limitations. This morning I woke up writhing in pain. I assumed it was a hangover, and partly it was.

As the day progressed I started to recognize what I was feeling and knew it was something more. My body felt like a bruise, and even breathing hurt. I could feel the pain going in and out of my back, legs and arms. My feet were swollen and I could barely stay awake.

I have been struggling with the symptoms of fibromyalgia since I was in my teens but was able to ignore it and push through. The past couple years I haven’t been so lucky. I often ignore the warning signs and push the limits that my body sets. Because I spend so much of my time in bed in pain, it is worth it to have one good day and do the most I can with it.

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