I’m so lost, can’t seem to find my way.

                  Nowhere  to hide, want to sleep all day.

                   Don’t know where to turn for help,

                    Got nobody to talk,to just myself.

                    So confused and so alone,

                    Feeling my heart turning to stone.

                   Just want to finish,to end it all,

                    but too tired to make that call.

                   Want to go back to brighter days,

                   Only to have my pain go away.

                 Tossing and turning,can’t fall asleep,

                 Just too exhausted to even weep.

                  I don’t know how this will end ,

                  I’m so broken i’ll never mend.

                 So pray for my soul, the lord to take,

                 So if i should die before I wake.

                 Never forget,don’t shed no tears,

                 Be happy for me and show no fear

#find   strength