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Why I Won't Sugarcoat My Family's Medical Challenges on Facebook

Ever few months, I see the meme circling around on social media implying that people make their lives on Facebook look spectacular, as if nothing but a rainbow hangs over them. And I agree.

Most of the time on Facebook, I see people share happy moments or uplifting quotes only. So I am sure some people may be put off when I share my children’s struggles, hospital stays, or life-changing appointments. Don’t get me wrong – I share our accomplishments, outings, and heartfelt moments just as equally as our challenges. I share the good times, the gray areas, and the darker sides.

I share these things because this is who we are. I can’t, nor will I, sugarcoat our lives because that is not our reality. I can’t apologize for using Facebook for its purpose of connecting to loved ones, friends, and bringing strangers together. I suppose I could not share our challenges and only share uplifting moments, but then I would be excluding half of our life.

I don’t mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable when they scroll through their news feeds. It’s not as if I am sharing the fresh surgery incisions I take pictures of for something to reference if needed. The reality is, my son and daughter’s medical conditions are what make our lives unique and perfect in our way – and there is no sugarcoating that fact.

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