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This Online Store Offers Functional Fashion for People With Disabilities.

Alexandra Connell created PATTI + RICKY, an online store that offers fashionable and functional products.

It features products from 20 different designers, many of whom live with disabilities themselves.

You can buy fidget jewelry, cochlear implant ear cuffs, braille imprinted products, magnetic shirts, wheelchair-friendly raincoats and more.

“Together all the designers and PATTI + RICKY all want the same thing. We would like for people with disabilities to have options for stylish and functional clothing and accessories.” -Alexandra Connell

On the site’s Meet Our Designers section, customers can learn more about each company and its products.

One company is PunkinFutz, which offers toys and accessories for children with physical, sensory, and emotional needs.

Another design partner is Alter Ur Ego, an online shop which sells jeans and t-shirts designed for people who use wheelchairs.

Also featured on the site is Love Dawne, which has beautiful fidget jewelry in the form of rings and necklaces with small, elegant beads.

Connell hopes to work with more design partners as well as do photo shoots with models who live with disabilities.

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