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    Rewrite Your Code

    So something we are working with!

    If you are Matter and you change your Matter.

    You as Matter change!

    Case incase or re-incase so a bird cage in a bird cage with a bird cage.

    Escape the Loop 🔁 🔂 🔂

    Multi dimensional puzzle 🧩 or games

    When you decide #gameover the #GameIsOver

    #YouWin #BeTheFirstToUseThisHashtag #IQ #quantum #intelligence



    Intelligence-related OCD

    Have anyone experienced #OCD -related to your own #intelligence , like

    (i) "I don´t understand all I´m #Teaching ",

    (ii) "I might be dumb or way less smart than I thought",

    (iii) "I dont understand this or that which is taught when we are kids",

    (iv) "I´m not intelligent as I thought cause I think I don´t understand trivial things and I start to think about the reason behind some basic #knowledge , like i was learning it for the first time" ?

    I used to be proud about my career and #academic achievements, and today I sometimes doubt about the things i teach, about being the intelligent person i used to be proud of, or about being capable of understanding very trivial knowledge I was taught (and used during a great part of my life) long ago.


    Different types of intelligence

    For the last 12 months i've been treating myself to regular myotherapy massages. I always come away with the same feeling of brain-exhaustion feeling as i have after a psychotherapy session.

    This has led me to realise that there are many different kinds of intelligence. Not just the measurable, celebrated academic and 'performative' intelligence we've been taught to so value.

    Through massage my brain has learned to rewire my nervous system responses to stress and relearn how it responds physically. I no longer hold years of accumulated tension in my shoulders, hips and neck. The sessions have become more a matter of a top up, or just ironing out any niggles from the week.

    #Massage #intelligence