There was only a few boxes of baking soda left due to everyone stock piling them.

Yesterday while I was at Hy-Vee grocery shopping, there was an elderly lady who needed help getting baking soda. She grabbed a container of chips to try to get it. I said “let me help you get it.” I asked her how many she wanted and she said “just one.” I told her to have a good night. The look on her face was shock. Like she was thinking, someone would actually help? To the elderly lady, there are still people out there that will help. But seems like they’d only help during a crisis or let alone take all the supplies off the shelf and leave nothing for the ones that are most susceptible to getting sick. Glad I could help that lady and show her that kind and helping people are still around. #helpthoseinneed #KindnessMatters #jaseminesjourney