I wanted to share a heartwarming story of my service dog in training who I’ve been waiting to get for two years. My trainer saw this dog in a kill shelter. I asked her to go look at the dogs for me and she did. The dog was starved. His feet were burn from urine, and he was very sick with worms and other parasites. I took him home with me after a week of being at the trainers getting treatment. I’ve had this dog who I named Zane, which which means sustain for only 3 weeks now, and he’s already a rock star in his forever home. I picked that name because he’s my service dog to be, and he will sustain me as I will sustain him. I started training him at Dog’s Play and he started to excel immediately. After just three weeks of having him, he’s already passed his first of four skill Tests to become a full service dog. He has won a ribbon and successfully worked an obstacle course yesterday. Zane is loving, smart, strong and is already helping me to handle my psychiatric disability. I plan on having a long life with my best friend Zane. Please consider adopting dogs instead of buying them. There’s so many dogs out there waiting for a forever homes. . #ServiceDog #Doglove #livechanging #PTSD #CPTSD