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Which Fictional Character Makes You Feel Better When You Need It Most?

If you’ve ever interacted with media, you’ve probably found a character or two that you’ve either connected with, hated, loved, or found comfort in. 

Comfort characters are characters that ultimately make us feel better after a really bad go of it. Maybe it’s because we’re similar and they get a happy ending, they give you some profound sense of inspiration, or they simply just make you laugh. Either way, they’re that warm fuzzy blanket that wraps you up lovingly after a cold day where your bones ache and you’re feeling a little nippy.

We decided to ask the Mighty’s community who their favorite comfort characters are. This is what they had to say:

Who loves nostalgia?

“Kermit the Frog. I just find so much comfort and happiness in watching the ‘Muppet’ movies.” — @Tryingtothrive

“I think I would have to say Bear from ‘Bear in the Big Blue House’ show back in the 90’s.” — @TyliaFlores 

“Aang from ‘Avatar the Last Airbender.’ Absolutely love that series.” — @TiffanyOKYeah

Any bookworms here?

“If we’re talking about a character I relate to, probably Frankenstein’s monster. It’s my favorite book. I relate very much to the want for human connection and feeling as though I’m stuck on the fringes of society. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do or how I look people can spot me as “other” and it just keeps people from being able to connect with me for some reason.” — @No21Thnxx

Nerds assemble

“Marvel’s Black Widow and Deadpool. Why? Because Widow means business And Deadpool is The life of the party…” — @ReginLeif

“This may seem weird but oh well I just love Baby Groot. I also like Stitch and Baby Yoda. People around me know this so I have quite the collection of all three, lol. I can also honestly say I have a Groot tattoo.” — @LisaEpp82 

“Kirk and Spock from ‘Star Trek.’ Man of action in Kirk and logical thinking in Spock.” — @CliffordDavis

Grogu. I just love him! Super cute while being resilient, resourceful, cheeky and powerful.” — @Angie-Keenan

“Batman. He’s strong and a superhero without real superhero power. Gets knocked down and always gets up again. When I’m down, I like to watch ‘Batman’ movies as a reminder to not give up.” — @LoveBug5 

Characters that feel like sunshine

“Princess Poppy from the movie ‘Trolls’ I’d like to be that much positive.” — @WhiteChoclat

“Elaine Benes from ‘Seinfeld.’ She kinda reminds me of me and I am always guaranteed a laugh while watching that sitcom.” —@LonelyPurple 

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