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The Phrase That Keeps Me Going When Depression Gets Rough

When I grow up. The beauty of this phrase is almost unfathomable. When I grow up. There is so much hope in this simple phrase. It speaks of triumph over difficulties, of growth after destruction, of hope after devastation. It holds an aura of peace and happiness. It shows that growing and changing holds the key to achieving all of one’s dreams. It shows that only by accepting and embracing the constant that is change, will we be able to find a future for ourselves.

Children always dream of what they will be when they “grow up.” Oh, to have this childlike desire for the future. But maybe, that’s just what our world needs. To see our dreams through the lens of a child, to take out the complexity of reaching that dream job or becoming all that we have hoped to become. Simply believe these things will happen. Have the confidence of 6-year-old who, when you ask what they want to be when they grow up, says, “a firefighter,” or ”a surgeon,” or “a dog trainer.” This does not mean we get to skip all of the hard work that goes toward success, but rather, we hold the belief that it is possible to achieve the things we have always wanted as long as we believe in our ability to succeed, are determined enough to work through the difficulties, and never give up.

When I grow up. This phrase is what propels me to keep going when my depression gets rough. I remind myself that I am still growing and that there is still time to achieve everything that my heart desires. I look to the future filled with hope and determination. It helps to remind myself that there is so much more to come and that I must be here for it. Despite the rough waters, I seem to be sinking in right now, I know one day, the sea will become calm and life will be peaceful once again. I am motivated to go to counseling, take my medication, and have self-care days by the image of a smooth, serene body of water when it all gets to be too much. Because when I grow up, oh goodness, there will be so much to celebrate.

A.R Lucas said, ”If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life is too short, and happiness too rare.” I believe we have but one wild and beautiful life, my friends. One chance to do exactly what sets our soul on fire. Do not let limitations or obstacles such as mental illness stand in the way of what your heart wants. Have enough faith in your abilities and your fortitude to persevere through the difficulties. Do not let others’ words tear you down and hold you back. Use their negative, bitter words to build foundations of strength. Find the burning passion that your being so desperately and greatly desires and pursue it with all of your heart. Go on, get it! I believe in you. I believe you are more than capable of achieving your dreams and goals. I believe you are more than capable and worthy of getting what gives you with extreme bliss and great joy. The world is at your fingertips child, grasp your beautiful and gorgeous dreams!

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