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110 Things That Help My Mental Health No Matter What

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It’s funny how often we forget the little things. Some days I feel so overwhelmed with school and my health, so it’s nice to have a list to reference and remind me to stop and enjoy life. It’s so easy to take things for granted and I encourage you to think about the things that make you happy. Here are 110 small things that bring me happiness no matter what.

1. Late-night sleepy conversations in the dark.

2. Long, hot showers, especially on cold nights.

3. Wild dreams, the good ones.

4. The scent of new books.

5. Waking up in the morning knowing there’s nowhere I need to be for hours

6. Being so lost in a book that I can’t remember what day it is.

7. Christmas, everything about it.

8. Laughing so hard that it hurts.

9. Waking up before the alarm goes off and realizing I have more time to sleep.

10. 100 percent charge on my phone.

11. Putting on a sweatshirt that just came out of the dryer.

12. Fuzzy socks.

13. The feeling of the sun on my face.

14. Realizing I am in a room full of people I love.

15. Lazy days in front of the TV.

16. Eating that one food I’ve been craving for forever.

17. Finding money in unexpected places

18. Finding that super cute shirt on the sale rack.

19. “Thank you’s” from strangers and random acts of kindness.

20. The thrill of achieving my dreams.

21. Waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking.

22. Popping bubble wrap.

23. Making up new words.

24. Watching my breath in the cold air.

25. Looking into someone’s eyes and feeling safe.

26. Singing in the shower.

27. Baking fresh chocolate brownies.

28. Slopping around in sweatpants, a favorite old T-shirt and bare feet.

29. Making and eating healthy meals.

30. That feeling at the end of the day Friday.

31. An IV going in on the first try.

32. Having time to myself.

33. Getting discharged from the hospital.

34. Anticipation for something exciting coming up.

35. Snuggling on the sofa with someone I love.

36. Remembering the name of something I thought I’d forgotten.

37. Dancing like nobody is watching.

38. Seeing a fresh coat of snow.

39. Knowing everything is going to be OK.

40. Puppy kisses.

41. A perfectly popped bag of popcorn.

42. Matt Damon.

43. A good hair day.

44. Getting an unexpected letter in the mail.

45. Leggings.

46. Birds chirping for the first time since winter.

47. The elevator arriving the second I push the button.

48. When the Starbucks barista actually spells my name right.

49. Getting an extra chicken nugget in my Chick-fil-A meal.

50. Listening to a really good song on repeat.

51. Turning on the TV just when my favorite movie is starting.

52. Cute sweaters.

53. Getting retweets.

54. The first sip of my favorite drink.

55. Being outside when the weather is just right.

56. Getting the last of my favorite bagel at the bakery.

57. Finding the missing match to my favorite socks.

58. New shaving razors.

59. Knowing all the words to a song on the radio.

60. The first day of spring when I don’t have to wear a jacket.

61. Taking off my shoes when I get home.

62. Crockpot mac n’ cheese.

63. Being kind to others.

64. Driving on the highway with the windows down and the radio turned way up.

65. Writing down my goals and dreams.

66. Having hope.

67. Meeting a new baby for the first time.

68. Getting a good grade on a test I thought I did bad on.

69. Being with family on holidays.

70. Staying in pajamas all day.

71. An empty beach.

72. Taking pretty notes.

73. Having lots of free time on my hands.

74. Checking items off my to-do list.

75. Fall boots.

76. Birds chirping in the morning.

77. The smell of cinnamon.

78. Trying a new recipe.

79. A freshly painted mani-pedi.

80. Picnics in the park.

81. Swinging on a swing set.

82. Feeling organized.

83. Seeing old friends.

84. Making s’mores at a bonfire.

85. Water balloon fights.

86. Big roller coasters.

87. Road trips.

88. Laying in the sun on a hot day.

89. Yoga pants.

90. My grandma’s cooking.

91. When the leaves start to change colors.

92. Being tan.

93. Vietnamese food.

94. When the weather cooperates.

95. Chick-fil-A lemonade.

96. Getting all dressed up for special occasions.

97. Christmas music.

98. A clean bedroom.

99. Sweaters and scarves.

100. When class gets cancelled.

101. Free food and T-shirts.

102. Buying and putting on makeup.

103. Coconut anything.

104. Hearing the words, “I love you.”

105. Helping people.

106. Learning and mastering a new skill.

107. Setting a goal and achieving it.

108. Being proud of myself.

109. Waking up in the morning.

110. Living.

Unsplash photo via Brooke Cagle

Originally published: February 26, 2018
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