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How Trauma-Informed Therapy Can Help You Heal

Trauma hurts

Trauma can have a severe effect on a person’s mind. It’s imperative that if you’re facing traumatic experiences, you see a therapist who understands what you’re experiencing emotionally. Rather than working with a psychodynamic therapist, someone who practices trauma-informed therapy may be more adept at treating your symptoms.

Your therapist needs to be an expert in trauma

It’s imperative that you work with a therapist who knows what trauma is so they can help you heal. People who don’t know how to treat trauma survivors aren’t going to be the best at showing them ways to cope with their traumatic experiences. When you see a therapist who specializes in trauma, you’re taking your mental health into your hands and trying to heal. What you’ve been through is real and valid. You won’t have to explain how trauma works to a therapist who specializes in the field.

Survivors of sexual abuse deserve to be heard

When you have survived rape or sexual assault, you have the right to be heard. Your voice matters and working with a therapist who understands survivors is imperative. They will be able to help you work through trauma. They get it more than any other kind of mental health professional. When you step into a therapy session with a trauma-informed therapist (whether that’s online or in your area) you’re meeting with a trauma specialist.

Surviving sexual assault is serious and you may be scared to open up about it. Rest assured, I can tell you that a trauma-informed therapist knows you’re hurting and wants to hear your story. They know not to push you if you are feeling triggered and they want to help you heal. That is their responsibility as a therapist. They have been trained to handle trauma in a way that is productive and effective. No matter how long it takes, they will stick with you, and they believe in your right to a good life.

You survived

Trauma means survival. You went through something awful and made it out the other side. You are resilient. You can bounce back from an something that hurt you deeply, and keep living. Your strength is inspiring to others survivors. Remember that you are strong even when you feel weak. Remember that you are loved even when you feel unlovable. Your therapist is there to support you on your journey to wellness.

Being afraid is normal

It’s natural to be afraid when you’re expressing something that happened to you that is traumatic. What you need to remember is not to let that fear freeze you; keep going. Think of your therapist as a cheerleader. Imagine your counselor as a coach. They want you to work through your pain and feel better. They are patient if they’re good therapists. They believe in you. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, an excellent therapist is going to stay with you and help you through that self-doubt so you can do more than you imagined and live a life where you can acknowledge your pain and move forward. Being in pain is extremely difficult, but you can survive. You were able to make it through the experience, and now you’ve learned just how strong you are inside.

Find a relationship with an excellent therapist

You deserve to work with a mental health professional who you feel comfortable talking with. Your story is a sensitive subject, and you want to feel safe when you’re vulnerable. You have the right to feel comfortable during your session. A trauma informed therapist is a specialist in surviving traumatic events and offers you a unique skill set. Whether you’re working with a therapist online or in person, the goal is the same, to help you heal from something that tried to destroy you. You matter, and you are strong. You survived, and you can get through this. No matter how hard it seems, you are a warrior.

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