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7 Hygiene Hacks for When a Shower Is Just Too Much

When you live with a health condition, keeping up with your hygiene can be a little more complicated than you think. Cleanliness (or “lack thereof”) can be a taboo topic, but it shouldn’t be — not when it’s such a universal struggle for people with lived conditions.

That’s why The Mighty asked its 52 Small Things group “What’s a hygiene hack that’s helped you?” When there’s a struggle, there’s (sometimes) a way.

This is what they had to say:

If you need a hygiene workaround:

“To save energy, I use a shower stool. After the shower I don’t dry off, but put on a terry cloth robe instead.” — Pia Z.

Let’s hear it for the power of hygiene wipes:

“Microwavable shower wipes. When a shower is too much and wipes are too cold, you can heat these up. Also putting hygiene products on subscriptions when possible!” — @ratdad703

“Wet wipes are an absolute godsend when the fatigue kicks in.” — Lucie M.

When you can only do the bare minimum of personal hygiene:

“If I can’t shower, I will push myself to brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair. Might not be a shower, but I still feel better afterwards.” — @smithemighty

“If you’re too ill to take a full-blown shower, wash the important parts with a cloth and hot water with vinegar. Soap is not required in an emergency!” — Wendy L.

A great tip if you have sensory sensitivities:

“To have a very well-fitted bathtub (so I can enjoy a bath without help) and an electric toothbrush. Also quiet light in the bathroom, so [I’m] not always assaulted by white light and reflection in mirrors.”  — @purple_sam

If you need a creative motivator:

“Aromatherapy is a huge motivation.” — Stephanie T.

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