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The Advice Your Therapist Gives You, Based on Your Favorite 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Character

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This is a satire story.

This is not medical advice and the writer is not a mental health professional. She just watches too many cartoons quite frankly.

Like any nerd and creative, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” was a formative part of my youth. It’s the television series that got me into fiction writing and video editing, and here I am making one of those things my career all these years later. I know thousands of people relate to that and that’s why “Avatar: The Last Airbender” was such a cultural reset and moment. I watched this video, and could still quote almost everything all these years later.

Granted it’s because I did a rewatch like, two months ago but y’know whatever.

Given that millennials are also super open about talking about their mental health compared to our parents’ generation, I think it’s fair to say that whatever character you do relate to the most says not just something about your mental health and psyche, but also about the typical advice you probably get from a therapist.

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself.

Here’s what advice your therapist probably gives you based off of your favorite “Avatar: The Last Airbender” character:


“It’s not your job to take care of everyone. No one asked you to be the ‘mom’ friend. You adopted that due to your innate need to take care of everyone around you, perhaps because you don’t feel people took care of you when you needed it most. Allow people to be responsible for themselves, and focus on yourself. It’s not selfish, promise.”

Ty Lee

You need attention, and that’s fine. If you want in on a secret, we all need attention. It’s a very human trait. Don’t punish yourself for it. In fact, don’t feel bad asking for it instead of acting out in hopes that you’ll get it. There’s nothing wrong with being ‘needy’ or wanting to be ‘loved,’ so stop punishing yourself for it.”


“What if we said constantly needing other people to be happy in your presence is still a form of manipulation? While it’s not intentional, when you’re the wisecracking joke person, you still are trying to control the environment and perception around you to cover up the fact that inside you’re incredibly insecure about your place in the world. That, or you’re still trying to measure up to someone else’s standards. You’re worth more than just the laughter you bring to the table. Allow yourself to naturally shine. All of you.”


“There’s no one way for you to feel or show your emotions. So yes, you don’t have to monologue every single thought you feel or have, but also making sure that you share them with the right people is pivotal too. You have a big heart, and once people get through to you they know that, but maybe you shouldn’t have people around you that you feel like you have to shield your emotions from? Not talking about what you feel because you’re more introspective is one thing. Not doing it because you don’t trust the people around you is another.”


“The more you try to convince us that you don’t care about what other people think, the more we’re convinced that you really do. Living free from the opinions of others doesn’t necessarily mean living loudly in opposition to them. In fact, you’re still behaving with their thoughts in mind. True freedom comes when the actions you’re taking, whether it’s what others wanted for you or not, are coming from an internal place versus an external one.”


“Power isn’t love, and love isn’t power. You can’t force people to love you. It’s sad that the one person you needed that love from at a young age couldn’t provide it to you, but coercion and manipulation isn’t the way to be loved and accepted deeply for who you are. Everyone is worthy of love. Don’t let one person who failed you make you feel otherwise.”


“What matters most to you? Making yourself proud or making everyone else around you? You are worthy of forgiveness, even for the worst things that you’ve done. Please don’t let your past define you. There are people out there waiting to receive you with open arms. The more you punish yourself, the more you keep them away.”

Was your favorite character on the list? Should we do a part two? Comment below and let us know!

Flameo, hotman. Flameo, indeed.

Lead image courtesy of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s YouTube channel

Originally published: May 24, 2022
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