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Finding Hope and Understanding Amid the Chaos of the World

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The day was gorgeous! I could see the big yellow sun and blue sky out my window as I rubbed my eyes to greet the world. Surprisingly, I felt OK this morning. No pain. Yet.

I stumbled out to get the coffee going and feed my three fur babies. While the coffee brewed, I surveyed my flowerbed and was pleasantly pleased to see more perennials sprouting their lovely heads. Once again, I thanked the people who had this house before us and planted them. Now all I had to do was get the energy to weed the bed and it would be perfect. Maybe today could be that day.

Grabbing my hot cup of vanilla bean heaven, I jumped on Facebook to check out the news. My states news was first. Do I watch the updates from my mayor and governor or find the summary on a local news post? An hour later after I commented unconvincingly on ridiculous posts from people who didn’t even live in my state, I moved on to national news.

Huh? He said what? She did that again? Vote her out! Vote him in! Pass this law now! No way will that protocol work!  Oh, those poor people! Look how tired that nurse looks. I’m glad I’m not that essential.

Oh, look at these cute kitty face masks! Bummer — they are sold out! I wonder if my seamstress friend can sew some for me? Mine are wearing out. I better message her.

Loud hissing — stop fighting Lucy! Leave your big brother alone and eat your own food!

Plopping on the couch with my now cold coffee, I check my email. Bills! Bills! Bills!

Wait — a sale and free shipping today only! I want to shop but I should watch my money.  But still, I need clothes since I gained so much weight and summer is almost here and…

Adrenalin grows as I salivate at the new styles and then suddenly, drops. I want to go back to bed. Where are my pain meds? My head hurts.

I can’t fix anything or anyone. I can’t even manage my own yard. I am lonely for my family. I wonder how long this whole thing will last? I wonder how much weight I will gain?

Putting my computer away, I glance outside again and see the little white flowers that appeared overnight. All it would take is a few strokes of the rake and they would be free. Perhaps I should do that right now.

I warm up my coffee and walk to my room to change into my leggings that have never let me down, and head outside. The sun is even more glorious than it looked through my window. I look up and let it shine its healing rays on my face. I feel energized.

Maybe I can be free for a bit if I just look away from the world that I am incapable of saving and just focus on what I can do now. Today. In my little corner of the world. I can clear away my weeds and let life bloom.

And tomorrow, maybe we can meet and begin where we left off — with love and understanding, even if we bloom differently. Even if we didn’t have the time or the energy to weed our flower beds.

For doesn’t the sun shine on us all when we take the time to look away from what separates us and remember what we all have together? Hope. We have hope for new days and seasons just around the corner.

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