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25 Reasons to Have a Counselor in Your Life

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April is Counseling Awareness Month — and to celebrate the great work of all the dedicated counselors out there, members of the American Counseling Association shared reasons counseling matters.

So give your counselor an extra thank you this month, and read what makes these counselors so passionate about that they do.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. “Rather than just feeling better, my focus is on helping clients live better.” — Deanna Kasper

2. “I have the privilege of participating in the healing process. By leading people down the path of acceptance and forgiveness, they find meaning in their pain.” — Jennifer Bradley

3. “Life is too precious to be consumed by stress. Let me help you stabilize your anxiety.”  —Amberlee L. Wesselhoft

4. “Counseling is not just about helping people to solve their immediate problems; it’s about helping them to build a better future.” — Cindy Goehring

5. “I advocate for therapy animals so that they can continue to comfort people in need, especially trauma survivors.” — Lisa Taylor-Austin

6. “As a counselor who works with the homeless, I have realized the power of basic human connections. I hope to continue to impact my clients, just as they impact me.” — Amanda M. Nevárez

7. “I advocate for my students’ rights to a fair and equal education. I show them that they are more than just a number. They are loved, they are smart and they will succeed!” — Ashley Crean

8. “Healing is a combination of honoring strengths, empathizing with difficulties, and challenging someone to grow in spite of their obstacles.” — Cristina Andriani

9. “Being an effective counselor is about more than listening and providing unconditional positive regard. It’s a willingness to put everything on the line as an advocate and a champion for those who haven’t yet found their voice.”  — Jeff Hensley

10. “Optimal mental health relies on the ability to love, work, and see meaning in everything. If I can help a person on that journey, then I have earned the title of counselor.” — Kenneth Smith, M.S.  

11. “As a career counselor, I want to get to the conversation behind the conversation.” — Alexandra Arrington

12. “It takes a tremendous amount of courage to commit to transformation. Let’s take the first step together.” — Alicia Zielinski Straub

13. “You are not a case history or a patient. You are a human being and you are more than your mental illness. Through that understanding, we can overcome any obstacle.” — Saad Saeed

14. “Increasing our self-awareness through mindfulness is an excellent path for increasing our self-control.” — George Knipp

15. “Kintsukuroi: The art of repairing with the understanding that pieces are more beautiful for having been broken.” — Bill ‘Eli’ Owenby

16. “As a counselor of couples, my technique is transparency. My own frailties and shortcomings are now in the past of my 40 plus year marriage.” — La Grande Mason, Jr.

17. “Our clients have all the pieces, they just need help to become aware of what they are capable of building.” — Caitlin Goicoechea

18. “I can help you learn how to relate to your struggles in new ways, so your thoughts and feelings have less impact and influence over you.” — Charlene Lenkart

19. “You deserve an opportunity to write your story.” — Christina Vanchina

20. “My clients often thank me for bringing my smile into their world. I remind them to reflect upon how many times their smile has done the same.” — Christyne M. Siliverdis

21. “We don’t have the power to choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go.” — Jordan Vann

22. “Re-framing thoughts and considering behavioral actions proactively are difficult feats. I can empower you with the tools you need to succeed.” — Morgan Rodgers

23. “Counseling is where evidenced-based practice meets ecology: experiences that connect us to nature and our basic sense of being.” — Michele L. Gardiner

24. “Once we are able to connect feelings of anger, fear, anxiety or depression to our grief and loss, the healing can begin.” — Lisa Simon

25. “Everyone has a source of inner freedom. Counseling can help you find it.” — Margaryta Johnson

Originally published: April 16, 2016
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