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3 Tips for Dealing With the Bad Thoughts That Can Come With Mental Illness

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We all have odd thoughts sometimes. We get sad. We get happy. Our minds go in many directions. Having a mental illness makes you more susceptible to bad thoughts. Those of us with psychotic conditions may have paranoia, delusions and hallucinations.

Depression can cause thoughts of hopelessness worthlessness. It can cause you to doubt yourself. Anxiety can turn you into a hysterical mess. We know about these things because we are in our own head. Sometimes, this can become difficult. You only know what is going on in your brain. You can’t speak from the other side. Sometimes, the line between a “normal” thought and a bad thought is very thin.

A simple example: crying at a movie. Sometimes, when watching a particularly sad movie or television show, you may cry. You may start wondering if you’re too sensitive. You may feel self-conscious about it. Trust me. I’ve cried so many times over ridiculous, petty things. Sometimes, it helps to let those feelings out.

Depression often comes with many bad thoughts. Sometimes, you may feel extra sad about something normal. For instance, a breakup may send you down a spiral of bad feelings and thoughts. The anxiety will make you relive and analyze every little detail. Your brain will replay conversations you had. You may start crying at the mere mention of your ex. It is really hard to tell if these feelings are symptomatic, if you are mourning the relationship or both. People who don’t have mental illnesses many not easily understand the struggle.

We are fighting our own minds every day. When you are plagued with these bad thoughts, remember these things:

1. Negative thoughts are normal.

We have billions of thoughts firing up in our brains every day. It is inevitable that you would eventually move to negative thoughts.

2. You don’t have to believe your negative thoughts.

Unfortunately, you may have some seriously negative thoughts. You may have to consciously change your mind away from these thoughts.

3. You can get positive about negative thoughts.

Find ways to make these thoughts seem positive. Re-think them. Use your logic to reason your way away from these thought patterns. You can do this! Keep fighting!

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Originally published: September 6, 2016
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